Secure Payment

It is possible to pay with credit cards that are equipped with processing of only the amount that appears on the product or offer. When you make a payment using the web payment, the data entered by the card is processed via the secure website of the bank. Security of payment card data is assured by the chip of your charge card which is the page where the whole transaction process takes place. When you enter payment card details sensitive data is sent via a network that is public with a secure (encrypted) format using SSL. SSL protocol as well as the PKI system, as the technology of today is advanced. Payments can be made anytime, at any point of the day or late at night, on weekends and holidays coupons and payments are readily available within a matter of minutes.

The Use of Private Information

It’s not a stretch to say that we may utilize the information that you have provided us with such as to offer services, assess the response of clients to your offerings, and provide advice regarding your services and products. If you supply us with your email address, or have previously done it, I’ve learned about it from a different source, we could call you electronically. These bids may depend on the data you provide to us in your very first interaction with us, regarding surveys, or on information which could reveal preferences of consumers or life styles, and on data from other sources like marketing and trading organizations as well as traders. If we email you and messages, we might be able determine the details of your email address -such as – e.g. If you are a subscriber, do you receive graphically enhanced HTML messages. If your voice is configured to ensure that it is able to receive messages in HTML format, then we could send you enhanced HTML messages via emails.

For us to successfully process your order to complete your order, we require our full name address, email, phone number as well as information about the business when the customer is an authorized business. With the help of this information, we’ll be able to deliver the item you want and provide you with information regarding the current state of the purchase. We are now committing ourselves to protect the security of our customers’ personal information. We collect only the required details of the user/customer relationship and data required to operate and advising users in accordance with ethical business practices and providing excellent customer support. We provide customers with the option such as the option to determine whether or not they wish to be removed from our mailing list.

The customer’s information is stored and accessible only to those who need the information required for the conduct of business. We promise not to make use of the data we collect for any other purpose or to provide them to any third party. Furthermore we collect, analyze and analyze information on products that our users are seeking and purchasing and details about the websites they browse. This information is used to improve the content and look of our pages and allow you to operate more quickly, safer and easier search results. We make use of cookies to allow you to tailor the use of our website to your preferences. Cookies are not employed to run an application or to send viruses to your computer. Cookies are unique to you, and are accessible from the server on the domain that sent them. One of the major objectives of the cookie is to offer benefits that can save you time.