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Valcivir 500 Mg

Active Ingredient (Generic Name)



Herpes labialis, Genital herpes infection, Herpes zoster


Cipla Limited


3 tablets in 1 strip


500 mg

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Valcivir 500 Mg

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About Valcivir 500 Mg

Valcivir 500 Mg tablet comes under the category of antivirals. This medicine is alternatively known as valacyclovir or valaciclovir. This medication is used to treat several health problems such as cold sores, genital herpes, and shingles.

The patient can take this medicine if the doctor prescribes to make this so. Few patients can experience some side effects after taking this pill but generally, these side effects go away with time. But if the patient feels that his health condition deteriorates, he needs to take help from a doctor as early as possible. This is not an immunosuppressive medicine or corticosteroid.

Valcivir 500 Mg Composition

This medicine contains some inactive components such as carnauba wax, colloidal, silicon dioxide, crospovidone, and FD and C Blue no and 500 mg of valacyclovir.

Manufacturer of Valcivir 500 Mg

The famous drug company Cipla Limited is the manufacturer of this medicine. It is a private unlisted company and it started its operation in 1935. The headquarter of this pharmaceutical company is in Mumbai. This Indian multinational company is well known for producing medicine that helps to treat arthritis, diabetes, weight control, depression, and many others.

Uses of Valcivir 500 Mg

This medicine is used to treat herpes simplex labialis or cold sores. In this situation, patients suffer from painful and small ulcers around the lips area.

This medicine is used to treat patients who are suffering from chickenpox infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus. This medication is used to prevent chickenpox in ill patients who are suspected to be affected by HIV

This is used to eradicate genital herpes which is transmitted sexually. This viral infection is the result of being affected by the herpes simplex virus. Initially, this medicine is used to treat this problem and block the expansion of this infection.

How Does Valcivir 500 Mg Work?

This tablet blocks the multiplication of viruses in human cells. As a result, this medicine stops the virus from producing viruses and eradicates your infection. Hence, it accelerates the speed of recovery of patients.

How to Take Valcivir 500 Mg?

Patients can take this medicine on an empty stomach or after meals also. They need to gulp down this medicine with a glass of water. The patients are advised not to chew, break or crush this tablet. But before taking this medicine, the patient has to inform the doctor if he has an allergic problem to valaciclovir or an allergic problem develops for fever or increases the number of white blood cells. The patients should take this tablet daily at a specific time.


The patients are advised to take the right amount of dose prescribed by a physician. The patient should not increase or decrease the amount of dose as per their own choice. You ever take an overdose, you can experience several symptoms such as vomiting, confusion, nausea, agitation, and lack of consciousness. In this crisis, instead of wasting your time, you need to consult a doctor or you can seek help from the emergency nursing home.

Those who are suffering from herpes zoster should take a 1 gram dose 3 times daily for one week. If the patients between 2 to 18 years of age suffer from chickenpox, they need to take a 20 mg dose of this tablet 3 times daily for 5 days. Make sure that the total dose should not exceed 1 gm daily. Drink a lot of water while taking this medicine as it helps to avoid dehydration.

What If a Dose is Skipped?

If you ever forget to take this medicine, take it as early as possible. If you are going to take your missed dose when it is time to take the next dose, it is better to skip the missed dose. Never take a double dose to make up the previous missed dose.

Side Effects of Valcivir 500 Mg

After taking this medicine patients can experience some side effects such as nausea, dizziness and it goes away within a few days. But if these last for a longer period, you need to consult with a doctor.


Chest Pain, coughing, fever are the serious problems caused by taking this medicine.

Headache, lower back or side pain, breathing problems are the results of taking this medicine.

Reducing the frequency of urination is the outcome of this medicine.

Problems in speech, swelling in your face, hands, or feet are the outcomes of this medicine.


Sleeping disorder, fatigue are the results of taking this tablet.

Diarrhea, irritability or depression, or sadness are the outcomes of this medication.

Drug Interactions of Valcivir 500 Mg

This medicine can interact with Amikacin moderately.

Cidofovir can interact with this medicine severely.

Cisplatin can interact with this medicine in a moderate way

Varicella virus vaccine, zoster vaccine life, and Tacrolimus can interact with this medicine very much.

Tenofovir is used for treating HIV or hepatitis and this is used with this tablet with cautionary measures.

Methotrexate, pentamidine, foscarnet should be used along with this medication carefully.

Special Warnings

Breastfeeding women should not take this medicine without consultation with a doctor. As this pill passes the breast milk.  Pregnant women or those planning to have a child need to know the benefits or risks of this medicine from a physician before taking it.

As some patients feel dizzy after taking this tablet. So it is not safe to drive the car while taking this medicine.

Do not take medicine that is contained by acyclovir while using this medicine.

It is yet to be known whether this medicine can react with alcohol or not. So it is better to take advice from a doctor regarding alcohol consumption while treatment is going on.

Patients who are affected by kidney problems need to consult with a doctor. Because dose adjustment is extremely needed for this patient. These patients are advised to drink a lot of water as it can reduce the side effects on the kidney. But this medicine is safe for liver problems.

This medicine is given for patients who face severe problems such as HIV infection, blood clots. The right dose of this medicine is extremely needed for these patients.

The patients whose age is above 65, need to take permission before taking this medicine.

Inform the doctor if your child can not gulp down this medicine.

How to Store

Keep this medicine away from children or pets. Also keep it, away from sunlight, moisture, and heat. It is kept in a cold and dry place. This medicine is kept below 30 degrees Celcius at room temperature. Never use expired medicine. Do not throw this drug in the drain or flush it in the toilet.

Valcivir 500 Mg Review:

This is one of the widely used drugs that can be used to treat chickenpox, renal problems, genital herpes. If any patient stops taking this medicine after a few days if he sees some improvement, it may happen that the problems can come back. For this reason, the patients have to complete the full course of treatment. Never encourage others to take this medication without talking to the doctor even if he has the same symptoms.


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