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Tretoin 0.05% Cream

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Tretoin 0.05% Cream

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About Tretinoin 0.05% Cream

Tretinoin cream is used to deal with acne pimples, sun damage, and any kind of skin effect. This medicine is also used to deal with blood cancer. It is also known as retinoic acid, the drug belongs to it known as retinoids. It reduces the excessive oil of the skin. Acne means the widespread skin circumstance exists.

When your dead skin is blocked with hair follicles. Tretinoin cream is the form of vitamin A. This works to loosen and unblock the pores of the surface of your skin. The medicine formation is prevented by acne, pimples, Whitehead, and blackheads.

While you use this medicine then it can change your skin color as well. It also deals with the excessive harvest of the broken cell or the abnormal cell of blood and bone marrow.

It comes in two forms one is oral and another one is topical. If you are taking the oral form then you have to take that much as prescribed by your specialist. If you use the topical methods then that is only used by the fingertip and applied to a clean and dry place. This cream is only for external use.  Use it regularly to get the most advantage from the medicine.

If you use more than you need, then that can be a serious issue for your body or can cause some serious side effects. You can easily get the medicine in every medical mart. Tretinoin also clears the lesions and itching caused by the rosacea.

Tretinoin 0.05% Cream Composition

Tretinoin cream consists of Vitamin A man-made or Synthetic. The cream kills the bacteria of the infected areas and saves from the serious issue. The staphylococcus epidermis is the main component in this treatment. The medicine benefits cultural proteins.

The cream cleans the pores of the infected area. It decreases the inflammation of acres and is slightly disturbed. It comes under the category of retinoic acid, this acid is the active quantity of this medicine. It also handles the other problem of the skin too.

Manufacturer of Tretinoin 0.05% Cream

Tretinoin cream is manufactured by Bausch Health companies inc. This company’s trademark is Retin-A. All the gram contains Tretinoin, stearic acid, stearyl alcohol, xanthan gum, ascorbic acid.  This health company made good quality medicine for their international standards.  Their only motto is to provide good health care for the people.

Uses of Tretinoin 0.05% Cream

It consists of ascorbic, isopropyl, and retinoic acid. The cream is the reduction of blotches and unwanted dark circles from the skin.

Tretinoin cream comes with oral and topical types.

You should always use this ointment in dry and clean or the affected areas.

By your fingers gently massage the medicine in your affected areas.

In the impressive area do not impose the dressing and bandages.

Always before use and after use, you should wash your hands.

If you are taking the oral form then you should not chew that just swallow the whole pills with water.

If you are using this topical type then just generally apply the generous amount in your pompous area by your hand then you should clean that area by rinse water.

How Does Tretinoin 0.05% Cream Work?

The cream is used to treat visible blood and acne, redness, or the excessive harvest of abnormal cells. It works because of retinoic acid and vitamin A. It kills the bacteria of your skin and removes the pimples and dark circles from the skin.

Whenever you apply this cream to you then you should avoid sun exposure. While you use this on your face it makes your skin too sensitive and if you go outside then your skin can get sunburnt.

When you go outside, wear protective clothing and always use sunscreen lotion to protect against sunburn. You should apply this to your skin in a huge quantity and it will not provide quick results.

How to Use Tretinoin 0.05% Cream?

Read carefully the patient information pamphlet if one is available from your apothecary. Before using this cream on your skin you should consult with your expert. Only he will decide how much quantity you should apply on your skin.

Properly wash your hands before applying this. Apply it by your fingertips, take a small amount of it and apply that on your skin. That is only once daily at bedtime. You should wait for half an hour after cleaning your face and then you can apply it to your face.

Only use this medicine on the skin. You should not apply this on the inner lip and inside the mouth. You should not apply this to the cut area.  You should avoid getting this medicine in your eyes. If by any chance this medicine gets into your eyes, then immediately flush your eyes with a large amount of water.


The dosage is very important for the sick person. You should apply more than you need if you do that. There may be some serious side effects as swelling, redness, and throbbing can happen if you use them in large amounts. All the doctors recommend this medicine only for a week.

Since you take, you should use mild soap after then you should apply this on your face. After applying this you should avoid going outside. While you take it then that time you should eat a lot of healthy food and also you should drink lots of water.

What If a Dose is Skipped?

Generally, telling if you forget to apply this then as soon as you remember you apply this cream. In that critical situation if your dose is skipped then consult with your doctor. Only he can tell you how to move forward with your treatment.

Side Effects of Tretinoin 0.05% Cream


Some serious side effects of the medicine are swelling in the eyes, skin rash, itching or tightness in the throat.

Vomiting, skin color change,  redness.

Allergy, starvation are some serious side effects of this medicine.


Anxiety, itching, and anger are some side effects of this drug.

Headache, redness are some serious side effects of this medicine.

Drug Interactions of Tretinoin 0.05% Cream

While you apply this to the effective area it kills the bacteria in your affected area.

The drug interactions are aminolevulinic, acid, and interaction methoxsalen.

Special Warnings

This pill is not for pregnant women.

If you have any problem like allergy then you should consult with doctor then you apply

You should avoid sunlamps while using this.

It makes your skin too sensitive therefore you should not go outside while you use this.

While you use this then you should avoid sunlamps and tanning booths.

When you use this medicine you should avoid alcohol or taking caffeine.

Don’t pluck the affected area,  that can be a serious issue.

How to Store?

Keep this clean and dry place, make sure that it is away from the sunlight. You should keep this out of reach from the children.

Tretinoin 0.05% Cream Review

The drug average rating is 9 out of 10. All the buyers are giving positive reviews on this medicine. Most of the buyers are so happy they said it works efficiently.


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