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Tretiva 30mg Soft Capsule

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Tretiva 30mg Soft Capsule

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About Tretiva 30 Mg Soft Capsule

Tretiva 30 mg Soft Capsules are used to deal with modular acne and other skin problems. It also takes care of dark circles. Tretiva capsules also take care of other skin problems. The medicine is depicted as inflamed and large. It deals with the pain, inflammation and is less thick under your moisture. 

The medicine is used to deal with acne and has not responded to the medicine. It is the form of vitamin A. The medicine prevents the acne of Whitehead and blackheads. The drug can change your skin colour as well.

This drug comes in both forms, one is oral and another one is topical. You must take this type of medicine, after consultation with your doctor. The doctor specifically told you that you must not chew the tablet while you consume it, otherwise, that can harm your mouth. Just swallow the whole tablet with water. This is the proper procedure of the drug.

If you take the drug more than you want then that can be a very serious issue. That can badly affect your body.  You can easily get the medicines on online platforms or your nearest chemical shop. The drug is famous for special treatment of your face. If you want to take full advantage of the drug then you must complete the course which is recommended by the doctor.

Tretiva 30 Mg Soft Capsule Composition

These capsules contain vitamin A and are made synthetic. The drug kills the active germs off your face or skin. And also it clears your skin. The drug also takes care of wrinkles. It protects from the membrane of the skin. The treatment process is done by staphylococcus, which is the active component of the drug. 

Tretiva capsules clean the pores of the affected area of your expression, which decreases the wave of acres and that is slightly offended. The capsules contain isotretinoin which relates to some group of medicine that is known as the retinoids. Retinoids are used to take care of only skin problems. The isotretinoin is taken care of by the acne nodular. The treatment is only for those who have not conceded to the other treatment.

The medicine comes under the category of retinoid acid. The acid is the active quantity of the tretiva 30 mg Soft Capsules. The treatment takes care of your skin problem and this also controls the other skin problems.

Manufacturer of Tretiva 30 Mg Soft Capsule

Tretiva 30 mg soft pills were discovered in 1946 in Bausch health organizations. Regina A is the trademark of this type of organization. The organizations made world-class health treatments or medicines. Now the organization is a million-dollar organization.

Uses of Tretiva 30 Mg Soft Capsule

  • Tretiva capsules contain retinoic acid and isotretinoin, which decreases the germs from the skin.
  • You should not nibble the medicine, just swallow the whole pill with water. That is the proper procedure.
  • The drug is used to procure relief from inflammation such as redness and swelling. 
  • This is the common drug for human skincare. The drug is used to deal with allergies or dark circle problems.
  • Various types of blood diseases and adrenocortical can be cured by this medicine.
  • It works as a preclude. The medicine is to prevent the lower irritation and swelling on your skin.
  • By using the drug that cures many allergic problems that can affect the various organs like the stomach or lungs.

How Does Tretiva 30 Mg Soft Capsule?

Vitamin A is the second pointer of Tretiva 30 mg Soft Capsules. It works on glands to reduce the production of a natural entity by causing acne. The drug also controls the sebum that demolishes acne-causing bacteria. It also helps anti-causing germs and the active drug gains the immune system of the human body and also makes some impact on the lungs as well.    

The bronchial tubes are the means of the inner lining. It just cleans the area of affected skin from the bacteria. This is generally the steroid class treatment that prevents the production in your body like some prednisolone. That is the only reason behind the allergies and swelling.

How to Take Tretiva 30 Mg Soft Capsule?

The medicine must be taken with food. The patient is advised by the doctor to take the medicines at the right time on that day. The sufferers need to greedily take the medicine with water. You should always remember that you should not chew the pill as it can harm your mouth.

Before putting up with the pill you must consult with your doctor if you have any problems like allergies, heart attack, diabetes, and so on. Before taking the medicine the patient needs to make sure that he will not consume anything before or after 10 minutes of taking the pill.


Dosage is very important in health care. If you are taking more than the prescribed dose then it can cause hallucinations. You should take more than you need because of many side effects like irregular heartbeats, swelling vomiting, and many more things such as mood swings and mental disorders. The consumer should not recommend the medicine without consulting a doctor. Who is suffering from a skin problem then he has to complete 20 days of course.

Generally, every day the patient consumes 30 mg of the drug. This depends upon the severity of the infection. If you are not completing the course then the medicine is not worth it. If you are suffering from an acne problem then you have to complete the course as you can not leave it in half. You can only stop the treatment whenever the doctor tells you to do so.

What If a Dose is Skipped?

While you forget to take your daily dose then you should take the dose as soon as you remember. To make up for the missed dose you should not double your dose as it can harm your body. If by any chance you overdose the dose by yourself then must contact your specialist doctor or get admitted to your nearest hospital.

Side Effects of Tretiva 30 Mg Soft Capsule

  • Bloating, irritation are some serious outcomes of the drug.
  • Anxiety, stomach pain are some serious side effects of the drug.
  • Allergy, irregular heartbeat is the outcome of the drug.
  • Headache, itching is the result of the drug.
  • Swelling, fever are some results of the drug.

Drug Interactions of Tretiva 30 Mg Soft Capsule

  • The patient can take the pill with paracetamol.
  • It reacts with ethenyl and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Special Warnings

  1. It is not for pregnant women and children.
  2. While you take the drug at the same time you can not take any other kind of skincare.
  3. You should avoid alcohol when you take this.
  4. You should consult with a doctor if you are planning for a child, then he will tell you to take it or not.
  5. Breastfeeding women must know about the facts and side effects of the medicine.
  6. This is not for diabetic patients because it boosts the glucose in the blood. 

How to Store?

You must keep the drug under 20°c of room temperature. You must make sure that you keep this medicine away from the sunlight. Make sure that children and pets should not come into contact with the drug.

Tretiva 30 Mg Soft Capsule Review

This is a very common medicine for skin problems. The accurate quantity measures the necessary to cure any kind of disease. Most of the buyers give positive reviews about the medicine.



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