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Tretin 0.05% Cream

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Tretin 0.05% Cream

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About Tretin 0.05% Cream

Tretin 0.5% Cream is effectively used in the treatment of acne/pimples, sunburn skin, blackheads, hyperpigmentation, pores, and leukemia. It consists of Retinoic acid which belongs to the class of Retinoids that helps in removing these conditions.

In humans, acne occurs due to hair follicles that are blocked with dead skin cells and oil. Tretin is a form of Vitamin A that helps in loosening unblock pores from the skin and reduces oil secretion in the skin. It is also used to treat pimples on the chest and back and smoothen rough facial skin and reduce wrinkles on the skin.

Patients need to take the dosage of the medication as per the prescription given by the doctor. Patients should never take this medicine as per their choice. It generally takes 4-6 weeks to have a noticeable effect so keep using it until the doctor stops prescribing it.

Composition of Tretin 0.05% Cream

Tretin contains Retinoic acid, which helps in preventing acne. Retinal (Vitamin A) is the main source from where Retinoic acid is produced. It is quite vital in cell growth organogenesis and differentiation. The Retinol is first oxidized into Retinal which is then oxidized into Retinoic acid.

Retinoic acid helps in removing blackheads, redness, and unblock pores caused due to secretion of face oil. It prevents the irritation, itchiness, and pain of your skin caused by acne. It helps you to get glowing and pimple-less skin and also removes the blackheads and whiteheads from your face.

Manufacturer of Tretin 0.05% Cream

It is manufactured by Hegde and Hegde Pharmaceuticals LPC. It started in 1989. It is a dedicated product company, marketing a high-quality range of dermatological products. It has witnessed enormous growth in recent years.

Uses of Tretin 0.05% Cream

It is mainly used in the treatment of acne-prone skin.

Tretin works by reducing skin pores, redness, and swelling.

It is used to remove wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines.

Rough skin on the face caused by the damaging rays of sunlight can be treated by Tretin Cream.

The oral form of Tretin is used to treat Leukaemia (blood cancer).

This medicine is also used to relieve swelling of the pores.

Secretion of oil (sebum) from your skin causes unclog blocked pores which can be treated by Tretin.

Spots caused by acne can be treated using Tretin Cream.

How Does Tretin 0.05% Cream Work?

Nowadays, acne has become a very common problem for humans in their daily life. But you need not worry about this as Tretin contains Retinoic acid which helps in treating acne-prone skin, sunburn, unblock pores, etc.

Tretin having Retinol is used in the treatment of pimples, rosacea, and the formation of pores. It works by reducing inflammation, wrinkles, redness, swelling, and acne spots. It prevents the irritation, itchiness, and pain of your skin caused by acne.

It helps you to get glowing and pimple-less skin and also removes the blackheads and whiteheads from your face.

How to Take Tretin 0.05% Cream?

Tretin 0.5% Cream is mainly used in the treatment of acne, wrinkled, and sunburn skin. It contains Retinoic acid that encourages cell turnover, which is a better way to reduce severe acne scarring.

Always wash your hands before applying the cream. Before using the cream, keep your affected skin area dry and clean. Applying this cream to wet skin may cause irritation. Wash the face with face wash or soap and pat the skin to dry.

Take a small amount of cream on your fingertips and apply it to your affected area. Now, gently massage the skin. Try to avoid contact with the cream in your eyes, lips, mouth, ears, and nose. In case It comes in contact with these areas, then wash with water. Do not break, crush or chew the cream.


Tretin is usually provided with a cream-type solution. The oral form of Tretin is only used for Leukaemia patients. The doctor prescribed this medication to treat severe acne, wrinkles, and skin damage from the sun. It is instructed to apply on your skin with dry hands and massage the affected area gently.

Rinse your hands and face with water before applying it. Do not wash it immediately after applying to the skin as it will not show any effective action on the acne-caused area. Try to avoid using soap and oil-based cosmetics for better results. Tretin is generally used as prescribed by the doctor.

The interaction of this medication with other drugs may change how your medicine works or increases the risk of serious side effects. Avoid skin contact with things that can interact with the drug such as alcohol, spices, lime, etc.

Tretinoin cream is used for external applications only. Do not apply it doubly as cases of an overdose are unlikely.

What If a Dose is Skipped?

If somehow you missed a dose then take it as soon as you remember. If you don’t remember until the next day, then skip it and go through your regular schedule. Try to avoid double doses to compensate for the missed one as it can deteriorate your skin problems. The patient needs to contact a doctor as soon as possible or he can seek help from the emergency medical store if he takes an overdose.

Side Effects of Tretin 0.05% Cream


Tretin can cause some serious side effects. Skin irritation and worsening of acne may occur during the first 2-4 weeks of using this medication. These effects usually decrease with continuous use.

A mild burning sensation may occur in the affected area.

Some allergic reactions like itching, rashes, swelling of pores can occur.


Sore throat and dizziness may occur.

Dryness of skin after applying for the medicine.

Change in skin tone.

Drug Interactions of Tretin 0.05% Cream

If skin irritation, itchiness, redness, and burning occurs on the application site, then consult your doctor.

Do not use other cosmetic or chemical products during this medication as it can react adversely.

When used together with other shampoos, soaps and cleansers take it with caution.

Using Tretin with antibiotics may lead to hypertension and an increase in blood pressure.

Products with high alcohol concentration cannot be during this medication

Special Warnings

If you’re pregnant or planning for pregnancy it is advised to consult your doctor before using the cream.

Try to avoid sun exposure as it can cause sunburn. Use sunscreen and wear protective clothing before going outside.

Tretin may cause dizziness and severe headache when taken in oral form. So, try to avoid driving during the medication.

Do not squeeze the acne spots as it may worsen your skin problems.

It is not known whether the interaction of Tretin with alcohol is safe or not. So, consult your doctor while using Tretin 0.5% Cream.

How to Store?

Store the cream at room temperature below 25°C. Avoid sun exposure and moisture to come in contact with the cream. Place it in such a way that children could not reach it. Also, keep away the cream from Pets.

Tretin 0.05% Cream Review

Tretin is one of the widely used medications in treating acne, wrinkles, fine lines, redness, and blocked pores, etc. Patients cannot start or stop taking this medication as per their own choice.

It is strongly recommended to use the cream under the doctor’s instructions. The right dose and corrective measures are necessary to treat any kind of disease. Patients should complete their full course. Do not recommend this cream to others.


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