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Poxet 60 Mg

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Premature Ejaculation


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Poxet 60 Mg

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About Poxet 60 mg

There are many people who don’t get good results from tadalafil or sildenafil-containing medicines. These medicines can cure erection issues. However, there is still a need for fixing timing issues or premature ejaculation issues. If not fixed, a man ejaculates too early. Many men even ejaculate within one minute. 

Poxet 60mg Tablet is a good option for them. The medicine can show results from the first dose as it works as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. After taking the medicine, your partner will be happy with your sexual performance. My doctor Poxet 60mg Tablet as the medicine has too good efficacy.

Poxet 60 mg Composition

One Poxet 60mg tablet contains 60mg Dapoxetine. 

Manufacturer of Poxet 60 mg

SUNRISE REMEDIES PVT LTD is the manufacturer of Poxet 60mg tablets. The company is one of the biggest and most trusted medicine manufacturing companies in India. 

Uses of Poxet 60 mg

Poxet 60 mg is used for increasing timing for men. The medicine is suggested to those who finish within a minute because of having a depressed life. There are many causes of premature ejaculation. The medicine has shown efficacy in premature ejaculation cases irrespective of causes. That’s why in a modern hectic life, Poxet 60 mg is gaining popularity. 

Moreover, the medicine shows results from the first dosages. Hence, you don’t need to wait for weeks to get good results. That’s why medicine is useful in saving many relationships. If used as directed by your doctor, the medicine can benefit you for a long time. Poxet 60 mg produces calming effects on the nervous system. 

That’s why the medicine is good for treating frustration and anxiety. These two factors are responsible for premature ejaculation issues for most of us. Poxet 60 mg removes frustration and anxiety from the first dosage. After using precisely for the prescribed period, you can discontinue the medicine.

How Does Poxet 60 mg Work?

As mentioned earlier, the Poxet 60mg Tablet works as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. In simple words, medicine increases the activities of chemical messengers to boost control over ejaculation timing. As a result, you can have sex for a longer time. This is possible as the medicine contains Dapoxetine. 

The chemical is a breakthrough invention of modern medical science. It can cure stress and anxiety issues in men. That’s why the medicine can cure you from inside i.e. cure your psychological issues. However, it works for only men. If taken according to the prescribed dosage of an experienced doctor, the medicine can cure you completely.

How to Take Poxet 60 mg?

You should take a Poxet 60mg Tablet with one glass of water. Just gulping the medicine is enough.

Dosage of Poxet 60 mg

You need to take one Poxet 60mg Tablet a few hours before your sexual intercourse. The tablet works a bit slow. That’s why taking the medicine a few hours before having sex is the best practice. Don’t take more than one Poxet 60mg Tablet in a single day.

What Should I Do If I Skipped a Dosage?

There is no need to compensate for a missing dose. Just taking the next dose is necessary in case of missing dosage. Poxet 60mg Tablet doesn’t cause any withdrawal symptoms. Hence, you don’t need to worry about that.

Side Effects of Poxet 60 mg

  • You may feel an irregular heartbeat after taking a Poxet 60mg Tablet.
  • The medicine increases fatigue.
  • You may feel drowsiness after taking the medicine.
  • Increased sweating is one of the most common side effects of the medicine.
  • You will have a dry mouth after taking the medicine in the worst case.
  • Some people feel relentless after taking the medicine. Tremor is also a common side effect of Poxet 60mg Tablet.
  • Headache is the most common side effect of the medicine.
  • You may have indigestion after taking the medicine.
  • Although the medicine is known for curing depression, you may have hypertension for a short period after taking the medicine.
  • After using the medicine for a long period, you may have decreased libido for a short period.

Drug Interactions of Poxet 60 mg

Poxet 60 mg interacts with

  • Almost all types of antidepressants
  • Almost all types of antipsychotic medicines
  • Sleeping medicines
  • Almost all types of anti-seizure medicines
  • Medicines that affect heart rhythm. 

Special Warnings

  • Poxet 60mg Tablet doesn’t cause dependency. However, you shouldn’t depend on the medicine too much for a long time. You need to increase your physical exercise and include healthy foods in your diet. Otherwise, using the medicine for a long period can decrease libido for a while.
  • Never exceed the prescribed dosage. It will increase the chances of having severe side effects.
  • Most of the side effects of the Poxet 60mg Tablet are mild and vanish with time. However, if any side effect stays for a long time, you should consult with your doctor immediately.
  • Minorities and females shouldn’t use medicine.
  • The medicine increases relentlessly. On the contrary, it sometimes also causes fatigue and sleepiness. That’s why you shouldn’t drive after taking the medicine.
  • You should check whether you are allergic or not to dapoxetine.
  • Poxet 60mg Tablet is known for curing negative thoughts and depression issues. However, if you only have negative thoughts and depression issues, then seek medical suggestions from an experienced doctor before using the medicine.
  • Don’t consume alcohol after taking a Poxet 60mg Tablet. It can increase drowsiness too much. The resultant effect can even cause loss of consciousness. 
  • Please don’t stop taking the medicine if you experience mild side effects. Talk to your doctor in that case.
  • Please don’t stop taking the medicine without completing the full course. You may return to your previous condition in that case.

How to Store?

The medicine should be stored in a cool and dark place. Please keep it out of reach of children. 

Poxet 60 mg Review

I am getting good results from Poxet 60mg from the first dose. Now the timing is good enough for having satisfying sexual intercourse.

I felt ashamed for finishing too early. Poxet 60 mg helped me to gain stamina. Thanks to my doctor for suggesting the medicine.


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