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Nailon Nail Lacquer

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Dandruff, Fungal infections, Nail infections


Apple Therapeutics Pvt Ltd


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Nailon Nail Lacquer

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What is Nailon Nail Lacquer?

Nailon nail lacquer is a prescription-based medicine. This antifungal medicine is used to treat nail infections and fungal skin. Never apply this medication without talking to a doctor. Patients are advised to take this medicine regularly at a fixed time or they can follow the instruction of the doctor. The dosage of medicine should be taken as per the guidance of a doctor.

Before taking this medicine, you need to tell the doctor or pharmacist about your health history. This medication is used for external purposes only. This medicine comes in several forms such as gel, cream, and lotion.

This medicine is manufactured by a famous pharmaceutical company named Apple Therapeutic private limited.  This establishment was founded in the year of 2004. The present directors of this company are Sanjeev Tomar and Asheesh Srivastava.

This company is located in New Delhi. This is one of the largest companies in the field of trichology and dermatology. Around 500 people are employed in this company. Apart from these, this company runs a business in export and manufacturer fields.

How Does Nailon Nail Lacquer Treat?

This medicine comes under the category of dermatological medicine named topical antifungal. This medicine consists of ciclopirox which performs by blocking the development of fungus and decreases infection. In most cases, people who do not have a strong immune system are affected by this problem.

Directions for Use

Before applying for this medicine you are advised to clean the areas and let them dry for a few minutes. After applying this medication, the patients should take the prescribed amount of this medication on their fingertips and massage gently until it gets absorbed in the body. After applying this, you should wash your hands properly.

While you use this medication, make sure that this medicine should not come in contact with the nose, eyes, and vagina. If it comes in contact with these areas, you need to wash your hands with a lot of water. But after applying for this medicine if you feel itchiness on your skin for a longer period, you should talk to the doctor.

Do not cover the applied area with a bandage or cloth unnecessarily unless your doctor tells you to do so. It may cause side-effects for absorbing this quickly. When you apply this medicine to your nail, you need to wait at least 30 seconds for it to dry. You should apply this medicine to a nail with an applicator brush.

After that, you can wear stockings and stocks. It is advised to the patients to wait for 8 hours after taking this medicine to take a shower. If patients take this medicine in oral form, they should not gulp down this medicine. Never apply for this medicine in cut or broken areas.

How Long Does Nailon Nail Lacquer Take to Work?

To get the effective result you need to apply for this medicine regularly. Patients get benefits if they apply for this medicine regularly at a stipulated time. To get the best result you need to apply this medicine for 2-4 weeks rigorously. If after applying this medication for 4 weeks, you do not see any improvement, you need to consult with a doctor.

What are the Dosage Instructions for Nailon Nail Lacquer?

The patients should take this medicine at the recommended amount. You should not increase or decrease the amount without talking to a doctor. The patients are advised to take this medicine regularly 1-2 times. They should take this before going to bed.


If you ever take an overdose of this medicine, you should face serious health problems such as irritation or any health issue. However, normally you do not face any severe problems. If you ever gulp down the medicine, you may have to go to the hospital.

Missed Dose

If you ever forget to take your medicine at the stipulated time, you have to take this whenever you remember that. But if you are going to take this previous dose almost the time of taking the next dose, you should skip the previous dose.

Sub Products of Nailon Nail Lacquer

Nailon Bottle of 15 ml Lotion

This medicine is also used to treat fungal and nail infections.

Nailon Nail Lacquer Solution 5 ml

It is a sub-product of the described medicine and is used for treating the same disease.

Nailon Nail Lacquer 5 ml Shampoo

Before applying this medicine, rinse your hair and lay down your hair for 3-5 minutes. Then wash your hair properly.

Mechanism of Action

This medicine contains 8% of ciclopirox. This medication blocks the production of protein in fungal cells hampering the procedure of cell division. In this way, it inhibits the development of fungi and helps in the treatment of nail infections and skin.

Adverse Side Effects

You might feel some of the normal side effects like burning sensation and stinging when you use this medicine for the first time. But these problems disappear for a few days. In this situation, you do not have to consult with a doctor. But if these problems persist for a longer period, you have to talk to a doctor.

Burning sensation

Itching and stinging on the skin

Redness of nail

Discoloration in nail

Brittle or broken nails

Contact dermatitis

Warnings and Precautions

Pregnant women or those planning to have a baby should apply for this medicine after knowing the risks and benefits of a doctor.

Lactating women should take this medicine if the doctor permits them to apply this.

Those who are suffering from liver or kidney problems can apply this medication after talking to a doctor.

While under medication, patients can drink alcohol.

It is safe for the patients to drive a car or do something which demands a lot of attention.

Those who are allergic to the component of this medicine, should not take this.

While under medication, patients are not allowed to use artificial nails and nail varnishes or nail polish.

Patients should not share their nail filler to avoid the spread of infection. This problem appears for skin-to-skin contact.

This medicine is mainly applied to nail skin. For this reason, if you apply this medicine to other areas of the body, you may experience severe problems.

While under medication, patients should not smoke or go to the open fire. As this medicine is inflammable.

If you are taking other medicine which is useful for allergic treatment, they need to tell the doctor about this.

Never apply this medicine to treat acne problems. As it can deteriorate your skin.

Sometimes this drug may be harmful if it is taken with foods and other drugs. For this reason, patients need to talk to a doctor before taking this medicine.

Who Should Not Take It?

The patients are not allowed this medicine. If they have


Patients have HIV, AIDS

Epilepsy or seizure disorder

If patients take steroids for breathing problem

Children below 10 years should not use this

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How long does Nailon Nail Lacquer last?

The efficacy of this medicine is not always the same for everyone. But after applying this medication, you can see changes on your skin within 2-4 weeks. But to get the best result you have to use it religiously for 6-9 months.

How is Nailon Nail Lacquer similar to Nailrox nail lacquer?

Both of these medicines are used for the treatment of nail infections and fungal skin. The latter medicine also consists of 8% ciclopirox-like Nailon nail lacquer. But the latter medicine is available at the lowest cost.

Do I need a prescription to buy Nailon nail lacquer?

Without a prescription, you are not allowed to purchase this medicine. Because the duration of taking this medicine is decided only by a doctor. You are not allowed to change your dose as per your own choice.

Nailon Nail Lacquer Alternatives

Onylac Nail Lacquer

This antifungal medicine is effectively used to treat nail infections and fungal skin. This medicine is manufactured by Cipla Limited. This can be available at the cheapest rate compared to Nailon nail lacquer.

Mycolac 8% Nail Lacquer

This medicine is costlier than nail Nailon lacquer. Pasteur Laboratories Limited is the manufacturing company of this medicine.


This medicine is widely used for the treatment of jock witch, ringworms, athlete’s foot, fungal infections of toenails, and fingernails. Never stop taking this medicine after applying for a few days. It can worsen your skin more than before. Never encourage others to take this medicine without talking to the doctor even if they have similar problems.


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