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LIV 52 Tablet

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Viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease, cirrhosis, anorexia, loss of appetite


Himalaya Drug Company


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LIV 52 Tablet

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About Liv 52 Tablet

LIV 52 Tablet is one of the widely used medications for liver strengthening or repairing liver damage. This is an Ayurvedic medicine. This pill can protect the liver against harmful substances and reduce the risk of infections. This drug is used to protect the liver from chemically-induced damage.

It is believed that the ingredients and their effective tests were conducted 51 times before coming out with the final supplement. For this reason, this medicine got the name Liv 52.

Liv 52 Tablet Composition

This medicine comes in two forms such as tablets and syrup. This herbal-based medicine is composed of several ingredients such as the root of the caper bush, chicory seed, the bark of arjuna, the whole plant of Tamarisk and black nightshades, and aerial plants of yarrow. Chicory can protect the liver against the toxicity of liquor.

The caper bush increases the efficiency of liver function by slowing down the ALT and AST levels. Apart from all of these components, other ingredients are Bhringaraja, Amalaki, Fidanza, haritaki, Parpata, Guduchi, 32 mg of kasamarda, 66 mg of kakamachi, 32 mg of jhavuka and kasamarda, 130 mg of Kasane and Himura.

Manufacturer of Liv 52 Tablet

The famous Himalaya drug company is the manufacturer of this medicine. This Indian multinational pharmaceutical company was established in 1930 in Bangalore. Mohammed Manal was the founder of this giant company. This company is famous for producing ayurvedic ingredients-based herbal healthcare products.

Uses of Liv 52 Tablet

When the liver cells are scarred due to excessive alcohol consumption, this is known as cirrhosis liver. This tablet helps to replace the damaged tissues with healthy tissues. As a result, it does not damage the liver anymore and begins to re-establish the damaged cells.

This medication helps in increasing appetite and resolves stomach abnormalities. This medicine is beneficial for those who are underweight.

This pill can improve the digestive system and bowel movement. This medicine helps in producing bile which is helpful for digestion and plays a crucial role in the absorption of fat. This tablet activates the function of the stomach by absorbing nutrients and secretes digestive enzymes. In this way, this eases the digestive system

This medicine works as a reliever from alcohol hangovers quickly. But it is not the right thing to take this pill regularly to get relief from a hangover. It eradicates acetaldehyde, an element created by alcohol oxidation of the liver.

Everyone loves to eat junk foods and neglect their stomachs. Gradually it creates toxins in our small intestine. The enzyme present in Liv 52 tablets helps in eradicating these harmful substances from our body and strengthens our liver to prevent the accumulation of these toxins.

Pregnancy is one of the most enjoyable moments of a woman’s life. But everyone does not enjoy this precious moment as many are suffering from unwanted discomfort during this phase. In this situation, taking this medicine can help them tackle these problems.

If any patient has to go a long duration treatment, he can be affected by these medicines. In this crisis, this medicine can help to recover soon.

This medicine is suggested for jaundice patients. The liver fails to eradicate the excessive bilirubin in jaundice. Liv 52 tablet eradicates toxins, strengthens the liver, and improves the digestive stomach. In this way, this medicine helps to balance bilirubin in the human body.

Some common problems such as constipation, anemia, morning sickness, weight loss, and hormonal imbalance can be treated using this medicine.

How Does Liv 52 Tablet Work?

The antiperoxidative function of this tablet blocks the loss of functional integrity of the cell membrane and helps in maintaining cytochrome p-450 and accelerates the recovery and ascertains the early establishment of hepatitis functions of infective hepatitis. This medicine slows down the hepatoprotective property to protect the liver.

How to Take Liv 52 Tablet?

The patients can take this medicine if the doctor prescribes to do so. It is beneficial if the patient takes this pill half an hour before a meal. The patients need to inform the doctor If he has allergies or the current list of medications before taking this medicine.

This medicine should be taken along with a healthy and balanced diet. If you feel any side effects after taking this medicine, you need to consult with a doctor as early as possible. Since this medicine has no side effects, you should try to take this pill with warm milk or water to get effective results.


The doctor prescribes the doses. Generally, this medicine should be taken two times or three times regularly based on the severity of the health condition and requirement. But children are recommended to take one to two pills 3 -4 times a day. The adults can take two to three pills 3-4 times a day. The senior citizens can take 5 to 6 tablets in a day. This medicine is recommended for a short period.

What If a Dose is Missed?

It is beneficial if you take this pill regularly at the same time. If you ever forget to take the medicine, you can take this as soon as you remember. If you take the missed dose almost the time of taking the next dose. You should skip the missed dose. Never take a double dose to compensate for the missed one.

Side Effects of Liv 52 Tablet

Generally, this medicine does not have any side effects. But if you experience any kind of side effects, consult a doctor immediately. But this medicine is not used for a longer period.


Weight, dizziness, allergic reaction, and rectal bleeding are the outcomes of this medicine.

Nausea is another result of taking medicine.


Taking this medicine excessively can become the reason for constipation, loose motions, skin irritation, and burning sensation in the stomach.

Drug Interactions of Liv 52 Tablet

Since this tablet is composed of herbal ingredients, it does not react badly with any type of medicine. But it will be safe for the patient to inform the doctor about his health issue and the list of medicines consumed by him at present before taking this pill.

Special Warnings

Since this medicine is used to increase the appetite. For this reason, people can put on weight by taking this medicine regularly.

The patients should not consume alcohol while taking this medicine.

Pregnant women or those who are planning to have a child can take this medicine after consulting with a doctor.

The breastfeeding woman should consult with a gynecologist before taking this medicine.

The children whose age is below 10 years can take this medicine if the doctor prescribes to do so.

Since this medicine causes sleepiness, it is not safe to drive the car while taking this medicine.

How to Store

This tablet should be kept in a cool and dry place. It should not be reachable to the children. It is advised to go through the instructions carefully before using them. This tablet should be kept away from sunlight.

Liv 52 Tablet Review

This medicine is one of the best medications for eradicating the problems of the liver. But the patients have to keep in mind that they have to take a diet full of nutrients to increase the efficacy of this medicine. The patients should not determine the dosage of the pill. The only doctor can do that. Generally, patients need to take this medicine only for 3-4 months.


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