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Ivermectin 3 Mg

Active Ingredient (Generic Name)



Scabies, Filariasis


Healing Pharma, India


10 Tablets in 1 strip



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Ivermectin 3 Mg

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About Ivermectin 3 mg

This medicine helps to treat parasitic infections in the eyes, skin, and intestinal tract. But before taking this pill, patients have to talk to a doctor. As this medicine is not suitable for everyone. For this, before taking this medicine, patients have to tell their past health history, list of their prescription and non-prescription medicine. This drug is available in several forms in the market and these are lotion, oral pills.

Ivermectin 3 mg Composition 

This anti-parasitic drug belongs to the family of anthelmintics. 3mg Ivermectin is the basic component of this medicine for producing this drug.

Manufacturer of Ivermectin 3 mg

There are many manufacturers involved in producing this medicine. The names of these renowned drug and pharmaceutical companies are Healing pharma limited, Million health pharmaceuticals, Elikem pharmaceuticals limited.

Uses of Ivermectin 3mg 

This medicine gives comfort to the patients quickly. Those patients are taking this medicine to cure the problem of river blindness, they may feel reactions to the killing parasites during the first 4 days of starting medication such as swelling on eyes, changes in vision, fever, rash, and many more. Apart from it, this medication assists to treat intestinal strongyloidiasis. 

It aids to treat roundworm infections and can decrease the chance of developing life taking infections. This medicine is also useful to treat infections caused by tapeworm, infection on hair also.

How Does Ivermectin 3 mg Work?

This medicine helps to keep away parasites from taking sugar and attacking and killing them which are responsible for the infection. This drug performs by binding nerve cells of the worm and muscle which are liable for death and paralysis. In this way, this medicine can cure the issue.

How to Take Ivermectin 3 mg?

Patients have to consume this pill along with a lot of water. While taking this tablet, patients should not chew, crush or break this medicine.  When patients take this medicine, they have to control the habit of smoking, drinking alcohol, or marijuana. 

All of these cause serious problems. Patients can take this medicine on an empty stomach or with a meal. If they want to take this pill along with a meal, they have to wait for medicine for one hour before taking food or two hours after taking the meal.


Patients cannot choose their dose without talking to a doctor. They are allowed to take only stipulated medicine following the doctor. Even they have to follow the suggestion regarding the time of taking their allotted medicine. Patients have to take their prescribed dose only a single time. But those patients who have a weak immune system should take this medicine more than one time. Doctors prescribe doses based on several factors such as weight, the intensity of the problem, how they react after taking the first dose.

If patients consume more than the prescribed dose assuming that it can treat their problem quickly, they are wrong. Patients face serious problems such as itching, swelling, and sleepiness. 

What If I Skip a Dose?

To get maximum results, patients need to take their medicine on time daily. If they forget to take their recommended dose under any circumstance, they have to take it whenever they remember that. But if you are going to take your missed pill almost the time of taking a new dose, choose only a new dose. Never take multiple doses to adjust the previous missed dose.

Side-Effects of Ivermectin 3 mg


  • Loss of vision 
  • Redness on eye
  • Pain in the eye
  • Swelling on eye
  • Bleeding
  • Seizures
  • Coma
  • Confusion 
  • Difficulty in walking or standing
  • Low blood pressure


  • Loss of energy
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Itchiness
  • tiredness

Drug Interactions of Ivermectin 3 mg 

  • Those patients who are using warfarin for blood thinning, should not take this medicine. This medicine can accelerate the problem.
  • Those patients who take amlodipine for the treatment of high blood pressure, should not consume this drug. As it causes a fall in blood pressure.
  • Those patients who are undergoing treatment of HIV by taking ritonavir, should not take this medicine.

Special Warnings 

  • The weight of those children is below 15kg, so they should not take this medicine.
  • Those patients who are suffering from asthma, need to avoid taking this medicine.
  • While under the influence of medicine, patients need to drink a lot of fluids to avert dehydration. Apart from this, patients have to avoid taking caffeine while taking this medicine.
  • Those patients who are suffering from problem seizures, should not consume this medicine. As it aggravates the problem.
  • Those patients who are suffering from liver disease, should not take this medicine.
  • Those women who are planning to have a child have to take this medicine if the doctor permits them to do so.
  • The breastfeeding women need to avoid taking this medication. This drug may pass to breast milk and may prove toxic for newborn babies.
  • While taking this medication, patients need to test stool samples and blood tests frequently.
  • While taking this medication, patients need to avoid driving the car. This medicine can affect the eyes and makes patients dizzy.
  • Those patients who are seriously allergic to Ivermectin, should not take this medicine. This drug causes skin rash, breathing problems, and swelling on the tongue or throat.
  • This medicine causes fatal issues among people with loa infection. Before consuming Ivermectin, if you experience sleepiness, breathing problems, confusion, speak to the doctor.

How to Store? 

This medicine should be stored in a cool, clean, and dry place. Avoid sunlight, heat, and temperature while conserving this medication. This medicine should be stored below 30 degrees c temperature.

Ivermectin 3 mg Review

This medicine is one of the best ways to overcome parasitic infection. Never refer others to take this medicine without prescription even if they have the same problem. You cannot begin or stop taking this medicine abruptly. Patients have to follow the prescription of a doctor as long as the doctor tells them so. 

If after taking this medication, patients feel any problem, they need to talk to a doctor immediately. After taking this pill, if patients see some improvement, they should not stop taking this medicine until all parasites get killed.


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