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Imutrex 10 Mg

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Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriasis


Cipla Limited


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Imutrex 10 Mg

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About Imutrex 10 Mg 

The medicine is used to treat life-threatening situations like severe rheumatoid, arthritis, psoriasis, and a certain type of cancer. The medicine should be utilized under the supervision of a competent professional.  The medicine closes the blood monitoring cell count. Which is necessary. 

The medicine is used to deal with many skin diseases. The drug is also used to treat severe forms of skin disease that are known as psoriasis. Where the medicine works by killing cells in the skin which rise too fastly. 

The medicine is also used to treat arthritis which helps to prevent future joint damage. The drug only comes in oral form. You should take the pill after consulting with the doctor. All the doctors are aware that you should not chew the pill when you consume it. If you do then the drug can harm your mouth. You just have to swallow the whole pill with water. That is the proper procedure of the drug. 

If you consume the medicine more than you need then that can harm your health. The pills you can easily get from any medical shop. You can order the pill on any online platform. The pill is famous for rheumatoid You want to grab the full advantage from the pill then must obtain the course. Which is approved by the doctor. 

Imutrex 10 Mg Composition

The pills are synthetic. It contains the methotrexate that belongs to the group of medicine which is known as a folate antagonist.  The drug can deal with several kinds of cancers. The pill can be used to treat severe cases of rheumatoid and psoriasis.  

The capsules clean the pores of that affected area in your body and that refuses the wave of acres and that is slightly offended. 

The pills come under the category of methotrexate acid. The acid is the active quantity of Imutrex 10 mg. The drug takes care of your skin and also clears the pores of your skin. The medication is only for those who have not conceded to another treatment.  Because of the acid, it cures kidney problems, and also it cures your broken tissue.

Manufacturer of Imutrex 10 Mg 

Imutrex 10 mg is manufactured by CIPLA LTD.  The pills were discovered in 1987. Imutrex is the trademark of the organization. All the employees who work there are very intelligent and diligent. 

The company provides good quality medicines because of its world-class supply. The only motto of the company is to provide d-class health treatment for the people.  Now the company has a net worth of 6 billion dollars.

Uses of Imutrex 10 Mg 

  • Imutrex 10 mg contains methotrexate, and generally that cure for kidney problems.
  • You should not chew the pill, swallow the whole tablet with water. That is the proper procedure of medicine.
  • The pill is used to procure relief from kidney and broken tissue problems.
  • The tablet may be utilized alone in combination with another medicine.
  • Many types of blood diseases and used adrenocortical can be cured by the drug.
  • By applying the drug that cures many allergic problems, if you don’t take the medicine then it can affect many organs and that can be effective on the stomach.
  • The medicine works as a preclude. The drug is to prevent lower swelling and irritation can be affected. 

How Does Imutrex 10 Mg Work?

The medicine works on the glands and decreases the production of the natural entity of kidney problems. The drug works for several diseases like choriocarcinoma. This is the type of medicine that is used to treat cancers that occur in the woman’s uterus. 

The second one is Rheumatoid Arthritis. This is the medicine that is used alone or with other treatments for severe arthritis. It is an autoimmune disease that affects the body joints and causes pain and swelling. That is along with the rest and physical treatment. 

The third one is psoriasis, which is the medicine that is used for the treatment of psoriasis, this is one of the autoimmune skin diseases and is characterized by inflamed skin and is often covered by scales.

The drug is the steroid class medication, which also prevents the creation of prednisolone in your body. This is the big reason for swelling and kidney problems. And this is how it works.

How to Take Imutrex 10 Mg? 

The pill should be taken with food. Your specialist may tell you to take the folic acid that reduces some of these. Firstly you must consult with your doctor then you should take this type of medicine. There may be ways of impeding or decreasing some effect.  

The drug may lower your ability to fight the infection and lead to many problems with the liver, blood, kidney. In that time your specialist may accomplish many tests such as blood test, X-Ray and that is before the treatment with the medicine that is all about to check your difficulty. 

You should take the medicine before one hour of the meal. Before taking this the patient makes sure that the patient should not consume anything after taking the drug.


In terms of health care, the dosage is so important. Because the right dose will cure your problem. You should take how much is prescribed by the doctor. Not more than that if you consume more than that then you have to face many side effects. Like irregular heartbeats, vomiting, swelling. You should not recommend the drug to anyone without consultation with the doctor.  

The doctors give the medicine to the people for 6 months. That period is very important. The progress report of the medicine is very slow. Therefore it takes time to cure.  Generally, the consumer consumes 10 mg every day that is the right dose for the patient. Before stopping the medicine you must consult with a doctor. 

What If a Dose is Skipped?

If you forget to take the daily dose then as soon as you recall that take the missed one. you should not double your dose to make up that will harm your body. And immediately talk with the doctor. He will guide you about your future treatment.  In any case, if you overdose then as soon as possible contact the doctor and take admission to your nearest hospital.

Side Effects of Imutrex 10 Mg 

  • Abdominal pain, Nausea, and mouth sore are some serious side effects of the drug.
  • Loss of appetite, tiredness is the outcome of the drug.
  • Indigestion, vomiting is the result of the drug.
  • Headache, swelling, and itching are the result of the drug.

Drug Interactions of Imutrex 10 Mg 

  • The pill should be taken with paracetamol.
  • It contains methotrexate and rheumatoid.

Special Warnings

  1. The medicine is not for pregnant women.
  2. The pill should not be used by a below 12 years old boy or girl.
  3. While you consume it then that time you should avoid alcohol.
  4. Breastfeeding women should know about the side effects of the drug.
  5. The drug is not for diabetic patients because it increases the glucose in the blood.

How to Store?

The medicine should be kept under 20° C at room temperature. Make sure that the drug should not come in contact with sunlight. 

Imutrex 10 Mg Review

This is a common drug for kidney problems. The right quantity measures the necessary to cure this kind of disease. The consumer gives a positive review of the medicine.





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