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Demelan Cream

Active Ingredient (Generic Name)

Glycolic acid/Arbutin/Kojic acid


Hyperpigmentation, Skin Lightening


Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.


20 gm in 1 tube



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Demelan Cream

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What is Demelan Cream?

Demelan cream is a preparation used to treat hyperpigmentation and spots, the discoloration caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, and the scars left by acne. It is also known to treat spots, scars, and blemishes caused due to hormonal imbalance and pregnancy, and eczema. 

This cream contains Kojic Acid Dipalmitate 2%, Alpha-arbutin 5%, and Glycolic acid 10%. It also contains Methylparaben, Propylparaben as preservatives. It is Manufactured and Marketed by Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

How Does Demelan Cream Treat Hyperpigmentation?

Cyclic acid has exfoliating abilities which help it prove the appearance of your skin and makes it look smoother and lighter. The other key components kojic acid and arbutin work by reducing the melanin in the skin. 

Melanin is a pigment that is responsible for darkening the skin color, it gives the skin its complexion. Thus, with melanin production, the skin will automatically start becoming lighter in color and the hyperpigmented spots will start to fade with constant demelanizing and exfoliating.

Directions of Use

The first step, which is often ignored, is to wash your hands properly before you apply the cream. This prevents any bacteria on your hand from affecting your wound. The next step is to clean the surface of the skin where you are going to apply the cream. 

Dry it. After that, use your fingertips and apply a very small amount of the cream. Even a pinpoint application is enough. Also, ask your doctor for any other directions regarding the proper application of the medicine.

Demelan cream is mainly for tropical applications. In case it is applied in the inner lip area or inside the mouth or the nose by mistake, rinse the area immediately. Do not apply demelan cream to scraped skin or damaged skin. 

Avoid getting the cream in your eyes. Wash your hands after you apply the cream so that this can be avoided. If you get the cream in your eyes by mistake, wash your eyes immediately with large volumes of water. Seek immediate medical attention to prevent further damage to your eyes.

How Long Does Demelan Cream Take to Work?

Demelan cream starts showing effects from about two weeks of regular use. Some patients need as much as about a month to experience visible results. However, keep applying the medicine for as long as a doctor has recommended it to you. 

Stopping the therapy in the middle will not show much desirable effect. You may experience your skin darkening before lightning, do not worry it is a common effect of the cream.

What are the Dosage Instructions for Demelan Cream?

Apply a small amount of the cream on the affected area or as directed by the medical health personnel. Apply a thin layer of the cream only a single time every day. Do not change the dose by yourself. Strictly follow the schedule that has been recommended to you by the doctor. 

Your dose is decided by the extremity of your symptoms and according to what works the best for you according to the severity of your presenting symptoms, age, your response to the treatment. 

Make sure to inform your doctor if no improvement is observed even after following the dosage routine properly. Also, bring any kind of side effects that you love to the notice of your doctor so that they can be treated.


Bring it to the notice of your consulting medical health personnel if you experience any reactions like redness and itching on the skin surface, skin irritation, and burning. These are the most common overdose symptoms associated with using Demelan cream.

Missed Dose

In case you skip a dose, take the next dose as soon as you remember it; however if the time for the next door is already near then forget about the skipped dose and start following the original routine. 

Do not double the dose or overdose the medicine to make up for the dose that has been missed by you as it will make it harder and good and it may lead to the development of harmful symptoms that occur due to overdosing. 

Sub Products of Demelan Cream

  • Demelan ointment
  • Demelan gel lotion

Mechanism of Action

Glycolic acid breaks the bonds between the outer layer of skin cells, the dead skin cell layer, and the next skin cell layer. This peeling effect makes the skin appear smoother and more even and this is what glycolic acid is mainly known for. 

The lower layers of skin are less pigmented than the outer layer, it helps in reducing the appearance of spots on your face. It also stimulates collagen growth, Does it can help to increase the elasticity and  the thickness of the skin

The melanin in the skin is stimulated by the enzyme tyrosinase. Every time this tyrosinase comes in contact with the UV light rays like when you are exposed to the sun, it increases the production of melanin in your skin. This is where arbutin helps as it inhibits the activity of tyrosinase. Kojic acid also works similarly.

Adverse Side Effects

  • Tingling Is a common side effect.
  • Some patients move experience Redness
  • Itching is also aggravated.
  • Purging or worsening of acne can occur
  • Some forms of slight irritation have also been reported by the patients.
  • Severe dryness is sometimes found.
  • Peeling may occur if it is overused.
  • Flaking, which is also known as frosting, has been reported.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation has been rarely reported.

Warnings and Precautions

  1. Do not use this for more than 3 months on your skin continuously as it will then start harming your skin.
  2. This cream only inhibits the production of melanin and this effect is not permanent therefore when you will stop using it you may experience Your skin tone changing again. However, you can be assured that the hyperpigmented spots will not return. Products like hydroxybenzoic quinone can permanently destroy the melanin in the skin however it is not recommended.
  3. Wear sunscreen or some protective covering whenever going out in the sun while undergoing treatment with demelan cream.
  4. This cream cleanses your pores and reduces the inflammation however the actual size of your pores will not shrink.
  5. If your purging does not stop even after using the cream for 6 to eight weeks then stop using demelan cream.

Who Should Not Take It?

  • Do not use the cream if you are allergic to any of its components. If you are not aware of your allergies then conduct a patch test before using it. This is done by applying a small amount of the cream on areas like behind the neck, on the inside of the wrist, on the inside of your elbow. Check after 12 to 24 hours if you have developed any allergy reaction like redness, burning, or swelling.
  • Do not use the screen if you are under the age of 18 years.

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Can patients use Demelan cream to treat acne scars?

Yes, it can be used to lighten or treat any facial marks or scars occurring due to pimples or acne. 

Is it okay for a pregnant or breastfeeding woman to use Demelan cream?

No, do not use this cream until it is extremely necessary, and also discuss the benefits and risks with your doctor before taking the screen in such conditions.

Can I get any other treatment done while using this cream?

Whatever skin treatment you may want to undergo should be done only after consulting it with your doctor also, do not use any skin peeling or depigmenting treatment when undergoing treatment with demean cream.

Demelan Cream Alternatives

  • Bluma cream
  • Kojivit plus gel
  • Kojic cream
  • Brite cream
  • Dermosys cream
  • A Ret HC cream
  • Melabest cream
  • Lookbrite
  • Brite lite cream
  • Clear Plus Cream


Thus, demelan cream has a variety of uses other than depigmenting like helping with acne as the peeling effects result in less clogging of the pores As it keeps the skin clean by reducing the dirt, dead skin, and excess oil. 

Thus, the skin remains clean and the patients experience fewer breakouts. Its antibacterial and antimicrobial effect also adds to this cause. Do not let your kids or pets obtain the cream as it can be harmful if it is ingested, keep it at a place that is away from direct heat and humidity preferably in a cool and dry place at a temperature below 30 degrees celsius, and also do not freeze it.


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