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About Candid B Cream 10 gm

The gel is dermatological medicine. Which is the medicine of this. The medicine is used to deal with the fungal infection and ringworm and time cures jock itch. The fungus infection occurs whenever the fungus invades all the effects of the tissue to your skin and body. The symptoms of fungal infections such as rash, irritation, redness of the skin. 

The medication is affected by the circumstances. It is one of the same types of bacterial infection which works by destroying the s and fungi. Which is caused by the infection. The powder and the dating powder are applied in your affected area by authorizing the holes to open the membrane or the components to leak out. Generally, the gel kills the bacteria which is present in your skin.

The treatment comes in two forms: one is topical and another one is powder. Anyone who needs the medicine can easily get the medicine from any of the medical soaps and also you can get the medicine online too. Before applying this you must consult with your specialist. Only if he allows you to take then only you should take the medicine. You have to complete the course to get the most advantage from the medicine as advised by your specialist.  The ointment protects from the red sores in your skin. 

The gel has antimicrobials, which are against the action that chase microorganisms. The ointment can reduce the fungus and other infections from your body. Anyhow your skin colour changes then also the medicine works very effectively. It is applied in the common or sensitive area where it reduces the germs from the body. 

Candid B Cream 10 gm Composition

It contains the salt Beclometasone topical 0.25 and the rest of the ingredient is Clotrimazole 1%. That is involved in the preparation of the medicine. The gel clears the fungus and other skin problems from your body. The other ingredient of the medicine is 1 mg of betamethasone and the rest is liquid paraffin and phosphate and purified water etc.

The gel reduces the inflammation and the red poses or the fungus which happen because of the infection. Because of the liquid paraffin that clears the unwanted ring mark and the itching problem in your skin. With the help of medicine, both diseases can be cured. 

The drug comes under the category of Clotrimazole acid. All the sufferers who use the medicine every day as advised by your specialist, get relief from the problem very shortly.  It is one of the biggest advantages of medicine.

Manufacturer of Candid B Cream 10 gm

It is manufactured by Glenmark pharmaceutical. It was discovered in 1987. This company trademark is candid.  They make good quality medicine because of their international standards. Their only motto is to provide the best health care for the people. The Glenmark company product is very cheap. The reason behind this is everyone can afford the price.

Uses of Candid B Cream 10 gm

  • The medication can be used to treat the disease of the skin problem such as jock itch, and foot ring.
  • You can get the drug in two forms: one is topical and another one is powder. 
  • The medicine is especially taking care of the fungus infection and ringworm etc. The gel also takes care of the allergic problems and the reactions as well. 
  • The gel gives relief from the redness and inflammation of ringworm.
  • It contains some of the other salt of Beclomethasone and Clotrimazole.
  • It prevents various diseases of skin problems and other difficult situations.

How Does Candid B Cream 10 gm Work?

It is the synthetic cream that is the form of the naturally occurring steroid, which is called Beclometasone. The other steroids are the intensity and all the other hormones produce in your body. That all are responsible for normal body functioning. The gel helps in reducing and preventing the ringworm, jock, itch, etc. The ointment reduces the fungus and the other specific skincare bacteria from your body.

Steroids play an important role in maintaining ordinary body function, that is during stress. The treatment accelerates the recovery of the sufferer. The medicine reduces the itching problem. The germs grow too fastly, the medicine stops that and clears them from your skin. That is needed for surveillance. The steroids block the production of certain chemicals which make your skin red and itchy. 

How to Use Candid B Cream 10 gm?

The treatment is only for external use. Before using the medicine you must consult with your specialist if he will allow you to take then only you can take the medicine. Before using the gel you should wash that place with clean water.  

You should check the level of the direction before use. You must wash your hand after applying the gel.  It should be utilized thinly and evenly in your infected area 2 to 4 times a day. After that, you must rub that place with cotton or the gaze pad. 

That may change depending on how well the ointment is working. You should use the gel regularly to get the most advantage from the medicine. You can not stop the treatment by your wish unless your specialist tells you to do so. 


It is very important for sick people. An accurate dose can cure any disease. Therefore you should take the right dose which means you are advised by your doctor. In any case anyone overdose himself then you immediately contact your doctor and as soon as possible take admission to your nearest hospital. Sometimes the overdose can cause death. 

If you are completing any course which is advised to you by your doctor, and you started well then you can not stop the medical reason for your wish. you have to complete the course. You should not apply the excessive amount or less amount, you just apply how much you are prescribed by your physician.

What if a Dose is Skipped?

If anyone forgets to take his regular dose, then take the missed one as soon as possible. If it’s time for the next one then you should not double your dose to make up for the missed one. Just contact your doctor and he will guide you about future treatment. 

Side Effects of Candid B Cream 10 gm

  • Skin color change, allergies, and the Dizziness is the outcome of the medicine.
  • Mood swings, hair fall, Anxiety, and anger are the side effects of the medicine. 
  • Irregular heartbeat and pain in your stomach are the results of the medicine.
  • Fatigue, skin peeling, is the result of the medicine. 
  • Swelling, itching, and red mess are the result of the drug.
  • Burning is the normal side effect of the cream.
Drug Interactions of Candid B Cream 10 gm
  • The gel instructions are a total of more than 245 drugs. 
  • While you use the cream at that time you would not take any kind of vaccine. 

Special Warnings

  1. The medicine is not for children and pregnant women.
  2. Breastfeeding women should avoid the medicine.
  3. If you are below 16 years then you should not use the medicine.
  4. While applying the ointment at that time you can not use any other skincare product.
  5. After applying that you should not go outside without covering. 

How to Store?

The Ointment must be kept under 20°C of room temperature. The lotion should not come in contact with sensitive areas. The medicine should be away from the sunlight.

Candid B Cream 10 gm Review

Precise and correct measures can cure any kind of disease. All the consumers who apply for the medicine are too happy with the use of medicine. 



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