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What is Benoquin Cream?

The drug is a very effective cream, the medicine belongs to the many groups of medicine which are known as steroids. The medicine is used to deal with documentation. The drug is used to permanently lighten the membrane in people with extensive vitiligo. The ointment works by increasing the elimination of that melanin skin and other cells. 

It reduces the condition of the itching and swelling procedure. Benoquin cream has monobenzone as the active ingredient of the medicine. That is in the water-soluble base which contains sodium lauryl Sulphate, purified water, cetyl alcohol, and the last white wax, etc. 

You must use the medicine after consultation with the doctor because the medicine can cause a certain amount of side perfect, that need to be considered and in the future, you have to face these types of effects. 

The medicine is manufactured by Mac Laboratories Ltd. It is especially said that the medicine is only used for external use. You should be aware of this. You have to clean your hands before and after consultation with the doctor. The place should not protect itself from anything unless it is told by your specialist. 

You must take care that the medicine should not come in contact with your sensitive place. You must take care of this. That if you use an excessive amount of medicine in your skin, then you must wipe it off as soon as possible with cotton clothes. And that causes further pain so you must contact your specialist. The medicine must be stored below 25° C at room temperature.

How Does Benoquin Cream Work?

Because of the presence of active ingredients in the medicine. The drug slows down the chemical reactions. And it clears the wrinkles off your face. Generally, all women avoid wrinkles on their faces.  The treatment clears your skin and glows your skin. 

The drug is used for two or three days as the medication for vitiligo.  Because of this the depigmentation which bargains the one in five months. And the complete depigmentation desired that results are achieved after a few months of use. The gel contains the potent depigmenting, which is not the cosmetic of that skin bleach. The treatment is contraindicated in other conditions of the disseminated vitiligo. 

Directions of Use

The ointment generally helps in lightening the skin of people with vitiligo. Which may take a few months to complete the course.  You must continue the medication as your doctor advised you to take. The correct procedure of applying for the medicine in a thin layer to its pigmented areas of the membrane which rub or scrub gently. You must check the level before use. You must ensure the expiry period of the medicine. 

All the ointment before use you must wash the place and dry that place. If the place is dry then the medicine works very effectively. After washing your hands you can apply the ointment. You must take care that the gel should not prevent or come in contact with your eyes and mouth. You should apply the proper amount of the medicine, how much is prescribed by your doctor. Anyone should not apply excessive or fewer amounts of medicine. 

Anyhow anyone who skipped his daily dose applies for the medicine as soon as possible. If it’s time for the next one then you should not double your dose to make up for the skipped one, if you do then that can harm your skin and you have to face many serious issues and side effects. In that time you just keep the previous dose. 

How Long Does it Take Benoquin Cream to Work?

If you want to see the result of action on the skin issue. And it took around 4 months to cure the disease. If anyone wants to get relief from the disease then he has to complete the course without skipping it. That is the course of the action of the medicine.

What are the Dosage Instructions for Benoquin Cream?

The first instruction is while you use the ointment then you can not use another skincare product. The second one is you must consult with the specialist before using the medicine. You should avoid the usage of the other creams of the moisture which is along with that. 


Overdose can cause suffering death. Because the steroid is present in the medicine if you overdose it blocks your heart. If you take any pill. And if you apply the ointment then that can cause harmful effects on your body. If you mistakenly use an excessive amount of the medicine then wipe it off immediately. With the help of cotton and other clothes.

Missed Dose

Taking the dose regularly can cure any kind of disease. And if you regularly skip your dose then you will not see any changes in you. While you skipped your dose, take that one as soon as possible. They are good for you. Most double their dose to make the skilled one, if you do then you have to face many difficulties in future. 

Sub Products of Benoquin Cream

The gel available in the market in its various strengths, some specific prescribed Benoquin Cream are:

Benoquin 15 gm

The ointment is to reduce wrinkles and also deal with the documentation of the permanent light of your skin. The treatment should be taken after consultation with a doctor.

Mechanism of Action

The Benoquin Cream is the treatment that is commonly advised by your specialist, by any chance if the sufferer suffers from any specific serious issue like wrinkles, irritation, and purple patches, etc. The ointment is used to deal with as per advised the duration and timing. The gel works wonders in curing skin issues.

Adverse Side Effects

The Benoquin Cream can cause many side effects. Those who are using the medicine have to face many side effects in the future. If you are suffering from any serious issue then you must consult with your specialist, it will be good for you. 

  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Thinning of skin 
  • Mood swings
  • Swollen eyelids
  • Bruises
  • Rachel etc.

Warning and Precautions

  1. It should not be used by small children. Because of their adhesive skin, if they use the ointment then they have to face many side effects. Like burning skin, itching, thinning in the throat, etc. 
  2. It should not be used by pregnant ladies, because of the steroid which is present in the medicine, which can cause abnormalities of the unborn child. 
  3. Breastfeeding women must avoid the medicine, because if the ointment applies to your breast area then that can harm your child. 
  4. The straight specification is you must avoid the other skincare Product while you use the ointment for your problem.
  5. You must not apply for the medicine in very excessive amounts. You just have to take how much is prescribed by your specialist.
  6. You just took a thin layer of the cream from the box and applied that to your skin.
  7. While using the medicine you should not cover that place with anything. 

Who Should Not Apply it?

The ointment should not apply by:
  • Those who are below 18 years old must avoid the medicine.
  • Those who plan to have a child should avoid the medicine.
  • Pregnant women must avoid the medicine.
  • Those who have an allergic problem should avoid the medicine.

Why Buy Benoquin Cream At

100% Quality Guarantee

The products of the medication are fully ISO approved and also FDA approved. This medicine is available on the site. You can easily purchase the medicine from this online site.

100% Secure Payment

The company used the world bed SSL. It is the world’s best payment method. You can see the logo of this organization on the internet. After that, you can buy the product from the store and easily pay from the site.

100% Secure Packaging

The employees of the company ensure the product before leaving the company. They ensure that the package is protected enough to face any type of incident and rain. They ensure this because while the product reaches your house then you get the best item.


No, this medicine is n

Can Benoquin Cream be used as Antifungal?

ot to be used as an antifungal. It is also used to cure wrinkles and the documentation of permanently lightening skin.

Is this ointment Dangerous?

Yet, we have nothing against the issue. It is not that dangerous if you use the medicine properly. If you use as much as you are advised by your specialist then nothing will happen to you. You must get relief from the disease. 

Can pregnant women use the cream?

No, pregnant women should not use the cream. That may affect their unborn child. Therefore it is good to avoid the medicine during pregnancy. 

Can breastfeeding mothers use the cream?

They can but after consultation with a doctor. Then only breastfeeding women can use the medicine.

Substitutes of Benoquin Cream

There are no alternative brands available in the market. 


It is a very useful cream, it is one of the best medicines to cure the permanent light of the skin in people with extensive vitiligo. 



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