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Aziderm Cream

Active Ingredient (Generic Name)

Azelaic Acid




Micro Labs Limited


15 gm in 1 tube

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Aziderm 20% Cream

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About Aziderm cream?

Aziderm Cream is used by doctors for Acne, High pigmented skin disorders, Melanoma, Inflammation rosacea, and other conditions.  Aziderm Cream is a topical medication that is primarily used to treat facial acne.  This cream has azelaic acid as an active ingredient and this medicine has antibacterial action which also reduces inflammation, redness, and swelling on the skin.  Acne on the face is a common skin problem that most people experience.

To reduce acne, we need to include basic skin hygiene in our daily routine.  The face should be cleaned gently with a mild soap or face wash, then using oil-based or greasy cosmetics and avoiding rubbing, scratching, or squeezing pimples as the face stains.  This cream should be used as per the directions prescribed by your doctor.

Aziderm Cream Composition

The main ingredient of Aziderm Cream is ‘azelaic acid’.  It contains antibacterial, keratolytic which works to remove warts, calluses, and other sores.  Comedolytic prevents the formation of blemishes and contains a carboxylic acid with antioxidant activity.

Manufacturer of Aziderm Cream

Aziderm Cream is manufactured by Micro Labs Limited and is a non-govt company.  This company was incorporated on 07 September 1973, which is a public unlisted company.  Micro Lab Ltd is classified as a ‘Company Limited by Shares’.  Micro Labs Ltd. is majorly in the manufacturing business for the last 48 years in Metals & Chemicals, and its products, etc., and still has active operations.

Uses of Aziderm Cream

Aziderm Cream is used to cure acne.  Its cream is also used in the treatment of hyperpigmentation due to its skin-lightening properties.  In some cases, it has also been used to cure inflammation caused by rosacea.  Acne is caused by some factors that lead to the appearance of comedones (blackheads) and spots on the skin.  These include keratinization affecting the skin, the presence of bacteria, sebum production, and inflammation.

This cream kills the bacteria responsible for acne (Propionibacterium acnes), reduces inflammation, and enhances skin renewal.  This whole process helps in removing acne. It is also used in the treatment of other facial disorders such as melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and hyperpigmentation. Many affected patients have used this cream as an alternative to other skin bleaching products.

The mechanism of action of this cream involves inhibiting the action of an enzyme called tyrosinase and this, in turn, leads to a decrease in the synthesis of the skin pigment melanin-like melanogenesis.  It promotes pigmentation of the skin and normalizes the areas of the skin that have been affected by excess pigmentation.  But in some cases, doctors may also recommend its use with other dermatology products.

How does Aziderm Cream work?

Aziderm Cream contains azelaic acid that enters the skin during an antibacterial topical treatment.  This acid prevents the growth of a certain form of bacteria that can cause acne on the face.  The presence of this bacteria in the skin causes burning and swelling, which is said to cause infection of the skin lesions.  The function of azelaic acid is also to inhibit the production of fatty acids that promote acne by bacteria.

Both its actions unblock the oil ducts in the skin that cause acne and blackheads and dry out the acne. Azelaic acid, a component of Aziderm, also has keratolytic properties that inhibit the formation of thick skin cells (keratinocytes) of the epidermis, the upper skin layer.  Comedones form bunions in the hair follicles that are blocked by excess keratinized epithelial skin cells.

Azelaic acid restricts the formation of comedones by reducing the replication of keratinocytes and their keratinization. The combined antibacterial and keratolytic properties of this cream help in preventing the development of acne.  The azelaic acid in this cream is micronized so that its tiny particles are easily absorbed into the skin.

How to take Aziderm Cream?

Use this cream as per the directions prescribed by the doctor.  It is recommended to apply it on the affected area of ​​skin twice a day, morning and evening.  First, clean the skin with mild soap or soapless cleanser then wash with water.  After this, apply a small amount of cream with clean fingers and rub it gently on the skin.  Wash your hands thoroughly after using it, but avoid contact with your eyes or inside your nose and mouth.  You do not have to cover the skin after using it unless your doctor has recommended otherwise.

Do not use this cream in larger amounts and always apply Aziderm cream more often than directed.  This will not clear up your acne faster but can increase the chances of side effects like skin irritation.  You should continue to use your cream for the full course of treatment as directed by the physician.  You may see an improvement in the skin within 4 weeks, plus it may take several weeks or even months for the acne to heal and clear up.  If necessary, it can continue to be used for several months.  If your acne still comes back after this, you can repeat the treatment.


First, wash the face thoroughly with plain water and dry it with a cotton cloth.  Then start the treatment with this cream twice a day.  If the skin is very sensitive, it can be used once a day in the evening time.

If you have acne on the chest and back, as well as on the face, adjust the amount of the cream and use it as per the doctor’s advice.  Wash hands thoroughly after using the cream.

What should I do if Skip a dose?

If you have forgotten to use your cream in the morning then you can apply it as soon as possible on the same day.  But if it is time to apply in the evening, then use it according to the dosage in the evening, do not apply it in double quantity.  One thing to keep in mind, don’t stop using it without talking to your doctor.

Side effects of Aziderm Cream

Some reactions may be observed with the topical application of this cream.  You should consult with your doctor about all the side effects.  Some possible side effects:

  • Tingling
  • Mild burning sensation
  • Feeling irritable
  • Prickling sensation
  • Dryness affecting the treated area of ​​skin

If you experience any serious skin reaction or other serious side effects, you should immediately go to your nearest hospital or doctor.  You can seek medical help if any side effect occurs.

Drug interactions of Aziderm Cream

Taking this cream with the following medicines may cause severe side effects –


Isotroin 20 Capsule

Isotroin 10 Capsule

Sotret 10 Mg Capsule

Sotret 20 mg Capsule

Also tell your doctor first if you are taking any other skin preparations, or especially if you are using benzoic acid or propylene glycol.

Interaction with the following diseases

Aziderm Cream should not be used in patients with asthma or allergies.  Using it can make your condition worse.  First of all, tell the doctor about your condition, only then use this cream.

Special warnings

If you have already had an allergic or hypersensitivity reaction, seek emergency medical attention.

Possible symptoms include difficulty in breathing, difficulty swallowing, swelling, tightness in the chest, skin rashes, and hives.

It should be used only as directed and prescribed by a doctor or pharmacist.  Second, do not change the dosage unless specifically directed to do so by the doctor.

Its usage is often dependent on the severity of your condition along with your medical history and current health condition.

Are pregnant or lactating women having any other disease, disorder, or medical condition.  Apart from this, she is using any other medicines or taking any vitamins or supplements.  This cream can be used only after consulting a doctor.

How to store?

Store this cream away from excess heat and light and keep it at room temperature.  Keep away from your children, where they cannot reach.

Aziderm Cream review

Aziderm cream may be the preferred choice as a topical medication to prevent the formation and spread of acne, blemishes, whiteheads and blackheads.  It also has properties that are helpful in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia in men and women.  Therefore, this cream can be used to prevent acne as well as solve the problem of hair.


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