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Aziderm 10% Gel

Active Ingredient (Generic Name)

Azelaic Acid




Micro Labs Limited


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Aziderm 10% Gel

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About Aziderm 10% Gel

Aziderm 10% gel is applied basically to the pimples, redness, and lumps caused by acne. It is an acne treatment gel. Its use relieves the infection and all other symptoms caused by acne along with the killing of the acne bacteria.

The use is no doubt external and one must not overuse the gel. The topical application of gel more than needed will cause the worsening of the condition.

The faster results should not be expected with the overuse of the Aziderm 10% gel. The regular application as prescribed by a doctor is supposed to treat the condition in 3 to 4 weeks.

Aziderm 10% Gel Composition

Aziderm is a topical application gel that contains an active ingredient named Azelaic acid with a contribution of 10%. The antibacterial action against the acne-causing bacteria is the feature of the Azelaic acid. Due to bactericidal action, it is supposed to treat the acne condition which is caused by bacterias such as acne vulgaris.

Manufacturer of Aziderm 10% Gel

Aziderm 10% is manufactured and marketed by Multi Labs Pvt Ltd. It is a multifaceted pharma healthcare company, which manufactures, markets, And focuses on the R and D sector.

The company is related to oncology, cardiology, anti-diabetic products, etc. The aziderm 10% Gel comes under the branding of Micro Labs Ltd. Which is an anti-acne product.

Uses of Aziderm 10% Gel

There is only one use as per medical practitioners. The aziderm 10% Gel is used to kill the acne-causing bacteria. It shows the antibacterial action against acne bacterias.

The pimples are supposed to get cured with the regular application of Aziderm. The gel should be used in the conditions where the patient is suffering from redness, pimples, and lumps on the face. The anti-acne agent here is Azelaic acid.

How Does Aziderm 10% Gel Work?

The mode of action of the azelaic acid is found as the inhibition of growth of the acne-causing organisms. The main bacteria causing acne are acne vulgaris and the Propionibacteria Acnes. The azelaic acid in the Aziderm is found to inhibit growth and also found to kill the bacteria.

The Gel is also found to inhibit follicular keratinization. This causes a restriction in the growth of comedones. That’s why the acne is not progressed by the use of the Aziderm Gel. In short, one can summarize the mode of action of the Aziderm Gel as the killing of the acne-causing bacteria.

How to Take Aziderm 10% Gel?

The application of the Aziderm is simple but precise. The use is for external applications only. Internal use is prohibited. First of all, wash all the area which is affected. After that let the area dry.

After that, the Aziderm Gel should be taken and applied to the affected area as a thin layer. While applying one can massage the area for better distribution of the gel.

The Gel should be applied over the affected areas only. The Precaution here should be taken that the application should not include eyes, inside nose, and lips. In case the gel comes in contact with the eyes and the thorough rinsing of the eyes with water is advised.


Aziderm is a topical gel, that’s why its application is limited to the affected area. But the dose is not fixed. The Considered dose prescribed by medical practitioners is that one should apply it just till it creates a thin layer over the affected area.

The over-application would not cause the fast action, instead, it will create irritation and burning. So the overdose should be avoided. In case of accidental overdose and experience of burning and irritation, primarily consult the doctor.

Also, there is no need to use the double quantity to fulfill the missed dose. In case of accidental ingestion of Aziderm, then the proper treatment should be taken for that from a doctor.

What If a Dose is Skipped?

For the topical preparations there is no fixed-dose, as they are affecting topically only, and not systemically. The amount contains the same concentration of active ingredient every time one applies it no matter what the amount is. So the chances of missing a dose are unlikely.

It is okay if one missed the timing of the dose. He or she should apply the gel as he or she remembers. As told earlier, there is no need to use the double quantity to fulfill the missed dose.

Also, the proper consultation should be taken from a medical practitioner, if the subject has any confusion regarding the dosage.

Side Effects of Aziderm 10% Gel


  • Pain over the area of application
  • Redness dominating over the applied area
  • Swelling Of the area of application
  • Common
  • Burning sensation over the area under the action
  • Pricking sensation
  • Dryness and itching

Drug Interactions of Aziderm 10% Gel

There is no solid data for the interactions of Aziderm 10% Gel (Azelaic Acid) with other drugs. But some medicines are supposed to get affected by the azelaic acid application.

Over the Counter Medicines

If a subject is taking OTC (Over The Counter) Drugs, which means medicines without prescription, then one should not use the Aziderm. As it is speculated that the gel may affect the working of other medicines.

Previously ongoing medicines

If a patient is going through treatment already, then the subject is supposed to show the medicines to the doctor and should confirm if there is an interaction between them or not.

All the interactions should be discussed with a doctor. The topical application has no interactions as well but its antibacterial action may affect the mode of action of other drugs.

Special Warnings

The gel is found safe during the pregnancy. The fetus is not found affected by the use of the gel during pregnancy. The mild side effects on the skin of the subject may occur.

Breastfeeding women are free to use the gel. The gel is completely safe for breastfeeding women and it does not affect the baby.

There is no such interaction found between alcohol and the gel.

As it is not a systemic drug or medication there are no chances of the elimination of the drug through the kidney. That’s why the gel is safe for a patient with kidney disease.

As it is not a systemic drug or medication there are no chances of the metabolism of the drug through the kidney. That’s why the gel is safe for a patient with liver disease.

How to Store?

The proper storage condition should be maintained for the Aziderm. It is sensitive to sunlight and moisture. For that, it should be stored at a place that is moisture-free, dry, and away from direct sunlight.

Also, the temperature should be below 30 degrees for storage. Children and pets should not reach the storage place.

Aziderm 10% Gel Review

Aziderm 10% Gel is a safe anti-acne gel from a trusted brand. The product is effective and should not be used without a doctor’s prescription. This is a topical preparation and found safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The side effects are mild. There are almost no drug interactions. In one line the medication is safe, trusted, and administered only if prescribed by doctors.


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