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Aziderm 10% Cream

Active Ingredient (Generic Name)

Azelaic Acid




Micro Labs Limited


15 gm in 1 tube



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Aziderm 10% Cream

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About Aziderm 10% Cream

Aziderm cream is used to treat moderate acne to mild. This cream deals with decreasing the number of acne bacteria on your skin.  It works to maintain your skin pores unblocked and open. Thus decreasing the pimples on your face.

This medicine belongs to the drug dicarboxylic acids. Aziderm 10% cream can change your skin color. Especially when your skin is dark-colored. If you see any change in your skin then call your doctor.

Aziderm cream is the same commodity that makes azelaic acid helpful for the treatment of inflammatory hyperpigmentation. According to the older analysis, it facilitates it to lighten skin which can be discolored by it. Using this cream for skin lightening in a blotchy or patchy region.

Aziderm 10% cream is only for external use. Apply it regularly to get the most advantage from this cream. Do not use more than you need. If you do so, then that can be a serious issue in your body. It is available easily in the medical shops. The medicine is also used to clear the lesions, bumps, or swelling caused by rosacea.

Aziderm 10% Cream Composition

Aziderm 10% cream contains Azelaic acid,  in the grains naturally occurring dicarboxylic acid found in it. It is bactericidal against propionibacterium acnes or epidermis staphylococcus. The cream helps in deterring the synthesis of cultural proteins.

This medicine dries the pores of bacteria which are caused by backups and irritation.  Aziderm cream decreases the inflammation by providing acne less and being slightly irritated.

It deals with skin blackhead formation and reduces the other problem of the face. The cream comes under the category of a dicarboxylic acid and the active quantity of Azelaic acid.

Manufacturer of Aziderm 10% Cream

Aziderm cream is manufactured by micro labs limited. Which is a multi-faced health organization. The micro labs marketing team is very skilled. That team is also the state of the art of manufacturing capacities and R&D centers of the International criteria.

Their researcher’s research is about new medicines. They make medicine of good quality because of international standards. Behind the motto of this research is, the company is to provide good health care for the people. It is now a million-dollar company.

Uses of Aziderm 10% Cream

This cream consists of azelaic acid. The Aziderm cream is decreasing the acne and blackheads of your skin.

Aziderm cream comes in gel, cream soap, and foam.

Use this cream in dry and clean hands and the skin-affected areas.

Gently massage this lotion into the skin with your fingers.

After applying this to your skin you should wash your hands.

Do not impose the bandage or dressing in the affected areas.

If you use the shop for this medicine then a nice leather or use it on the affected areas with your hands.

Gently massage with the circular motion and rinse off with water.

How Does Aziderm 10% Cream Work?

This medicine is available in many types like gel, cream, soap, and foam. You should avoid that contact with your eyes. The medicine treats the acne and the visible blood, redness on the face. That medicine contains the dicarboxylic acid with the keratolytic and that drug activity is antioxidant.

Aziderm cream kills the bacteria against the propionibacterium of gram-positive bacteria. While we used this on our effective areas then it kills the bacteria of that place and this is how it works.

How to Use Aziderm 10% Cream?

Before using this cream you should consult with your doctor. Let your doctor know that you are taking the prescriptions and nonprescription medicine. The Doctor includes vitamins before using this cream. Please tell your doctor if you have any issues like allergies, that can cause skin irritation.

You should use this in limit because that contains a very large amount of alcohol. While you use this cream you should avoid hair removal products, also the products spices and lime. If you are using this as flammable foam, keep that product away from extreme heat.

It is very important to let your doctor know if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mother.  Acne is a skin condition caused by hair follicles and sealed with oil or the skin’s dead cells. This caused the blackheads, Whitehead’s or blotches.

This cream has no age limitation. If your kidney or liver is damaged then you should avoid these medicines. It is dangerous for pregnant women because it may be harmful to the baby. This cream of 15 % passes into breast milk. There are many limited analyses on how aziderm cream is affecting the breastfed infants.


The dosage is very important in terms of healthcare. If you apply it more than you require then you have many side effects. Like the swelling, itching, or that can harm your skin as well.  The course of these medicines is if your doctor recommended this for a full week then you should apply this for a whole week.

Utilize the mild shop while taking this and prefer warm baths. While you take the dose you should avoid the harsh product on your skin. While you are using this, eat healthily and you should drink sufficient water, and you should get plenty of sleep.

What If a Dose is Skipped?

If you forget to apply this cream, then as soon as you remember you should apply. Avoid taking double doses.

Side Effects of Aziderm 10% Cream


A serious side effect of this cream is swelling in the eyes, fast beat, fever, skin rash, and tightness in the throat.

  • Skin color change or itching.
  • Excessive hunger, rash, and dryness.
  • Normal
  • Peeling, burning, anxiety, anger, and irritation are some side effects of aziderm cream.
  • Swelling, redness is the side effect of the medicine.

Drug Interactions of Aziderm 10% Cream

On your effective areas, you apply this cream then it will kill the bacteria of that place.

It is dicarboxylic acid which is found in grains. The medicine decreases the inflammation by making the pimple small visible or slightly red or tiny irritated.

Special Warnings

If you have any kind of allergy then you must avoid this.

This medicine is recommended to avoid tanning booths or sunlamps.

Pregnant women should consult with a doctor before using this.

When you apply this cream to your skin then you should avoid drinking or take caffeine.

Do not step barefoot at any places to prevent bacterial disruption.

While you apply this on your skin at that time do not scratch or pluck that skin to avoid getting that place infected.

How to Store?

Keep this cream away from the heat and sunlight. Keep in a dry place. Make sure to keep it out of reach from the children.

Aziderm 10% Cream Review

It is one of the best medicines for the treatment of pimples and redness or blackheads. All the consumers are very happy because of this. They said this works.


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