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What is Acnesol Gel?

Acnesol gel is a widely appreciated medicine used for the treatment of acne vulgaris, pebbles, whiteheads, and blackheads on the skin. Acnesol gel contains the antibiotic Clindamycin.

Clindamycin falls under the classification of lincosamide antibiotics. It is chlorinated lincosamide. The topical preparation of Clindamycin is used for infected acne vulgaris. Clindamycin inhibits gram-positive cocci which include the species of streptococci, penicillinase-producing staphylococci, Nocardia, toxoplasma, Actinomyces and has slow action on plasmodia.

However, Its most prominent feature is its high activity against a variety of anaerobes. Aerobic gram-negative bacilli are not affected. The manufacturer of Acnesol Gel is Systopic Laboratories Pvt Ltd.

How Does Acnesol Gel Treat Acne?

It works by penetrating the skin and kills the bacteria that colonize the sebum in the skin and cause acne, swelling, and redness. Acnesol Gel also helps in reducing the pustule and papule counts in acne. It improves the structure of our skin.

It soothes the skin. It also helps in inhibiting light-induced carcinogenesis. It is also known to possess anti-inflammatory action in the treatment of acne. The earlier you start using this medicine, the less likely you are to get scars from your acne.

Directions for Use

Firstly, you should wash your hands properly before you apply Acnesol gel. Secondly, clean the surface of the skin where you are going to apply the gel. Make sure the skin surface has been dried properly and do this gently. Next, you are supposed to use your fingertips and then carefully apply a very small amount of medication on the affected area in a thin layer.

It is also available in a solution form and the patient may use a cotton swab or a gauze to apply the solution. Also, consult your doctor for any other information regarding the application of the gel.

This gel is supposed to be used on the surface of the skin only. Be careful and do not apply this cream in the inner lip area or inside the mouth or inside the nose. Rinse immediately if that happens. Also, do not apply the gel to damaged skin areas.

Also, take care that you do not mistakenly get the gel in your eyes. If this happens, rinse your eyes immediately with large amounts of water. Seek immediate medical attention to prevent any further problems.

How Long Does it Take for Acnesol Gel to Work?

The duration of the course depends on your age, the severity of your presenting symptoms, and how you will respond to therapy. Acnesol gel is mostly used for a maximum of 12 months to show full results. However, improvement in symptoms is visible from around 2 to six weeks of using itself.

During this time take all proper precautions so that you can obtain maximum benefits from this. Mainly cover your skin from sunlight and follow whatever instructions your doctor has given you. Do not stop using this medication on your own accord even if you start feeling better and complete the full treatment.

What are the Dosage Instructions for Acnesol Gel?

Acnesol gel is supposed to be applied in a very small quantity, about as much as the size of a fingernail. Apply it on the affected skin area and not above the healthy skin. It should be applied once every day preferably in the evening as it will help to reduce sun exposure after applying the gel.

Do not alter the dosage of the gel on your own accord and strictly adhere to the routine that has been prescribed by your consulting medical health personnel. This is because your treatment has been decided based on your symptoms to make sure that it works in the best possible way for you.


Overdosing presents symptoms like burning sensation, peeling of the skin, and even severe irritation that occurs in case of overdose. Inform your doctor about this as soon as possible if this happens. It is important to note that overdosing will not make your acne or psoriasis heal any faster. Therefore, use it in the same amount every day as it has been recommended by your doctor.

Missed Dose

In case you forget a dose, apply the Acnesol gel as soon as you remember about it. If the time for the next dose of the cream has already come then skip the dose that you have missed and start following the original routine. Do not overuse or overdose the cream to make up for the dose that has been skipped. This can be harmful.

Sub Products of Acnesol Gel

Acnesol 0.1% gel

Acnesol 1% gel

Acnesol 1% lotion

Acnesol 20% gel

Acnesol 1% solution

Acnesol cream

Acnesol AD gel

Acnesol NC gel

Acnesol CL gel

Acnesol A nano

Mechanism of Action

Sensitive bacteria are very susceptible to Clindamycin as they accumulate it in their sales. It basically acts by inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis. This chlorinated lincosamide antibiotic inhibits protein synthesis by binding to 50 S ribosomes and Interferes with the translocation process.

It causes the peptide chain to prematurely terminate during translation. This leads to significant suppression of synthesis of large proteins and the bacteria is unable to carry out essential life-sustaining activities.

Adverse Side Effects

Dry skin

Redness of the skin

Skin rash

Skin peeling

Skin irritation


Burning sensation at the site of application of the gel Is also a commonly reported side effect.

Warnings and Precautions

It shows contraindication with erythromycin.

Aspirin, diphenhydramine, duloxetine, Fish Oil, cyclobenzaprine, fluticasone nasal, Lasix, Lyrica are the other drugs that are contraindicated with Clindamycin.

Do not use acne Sol-gel in patients below the age of 12 years old.

Do not use Acnesol gel over cut or broken or injured skin.

Avoid using the gel if you are allergic to Clindamycin.

Do not use it along with any other skin products, soaps with fragrance, or harsh cosmetics.

Who Should Not Take It?

Patients suffering from gastrointestinal disorders should not take it to stop

Patients suffering from diarrhea should also avoid taking it.

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Is acnesol safe to use in pregnant women and breastfeeding women?

Acnesol gel is safe if prescribed by your doctor. Do not use this medication without consulting your doctor if you are pregnant or are breastfeeding. However, do not apply it topically on the nipple when breastfeeding because if it is ingested by the baby it may cause severe diarrhea.

Will Acnesol Gel be more beneficial if I overuse it?

No, do not overuse Acnesol Gel. It can cause over-absorption of the medicine into the body which may lead to severe diarrhea. If you are experiencing that your symptoms have worsened, please consult medical health personnel for re-evaluation of your case and symptoms.

Is acnesol gel safe to use in patients with liver and kidney disorders?

No interactions have been found between alcohol and such patients. However, do inform your doctor about your disorders before taking this medication.

Can I consume alcohol with Acnesol Gel?

There is no direct interaction between alcohol and Acnesol Gel, but you should make sure to avoid consuming alcohol as it can worsen the acne infection and the associated inflammation. It may also delay the healing process and worsen the symptoms.

Acnesol Gel Alternatives

Clinka N Gel 10gm

Clin 3 Gel 15gm

Nilac-Gel 20gm

Acneclin Gel

Clincitop Gel

Aclind Gel

Clinrik Gel

Lincomycin is the Drug that was used before the introduction of Clindamycin. It has similar antibacterial and toxic properties. However, it is less potent than Clindamycin and it produces a higher incidence of diarrhea and colitis. The use of lincomycin has also been fatal in some cases. Therefore, it has been largely replaced by Clindamycin.


Clindamycin is thus an antibiotic agent which is widely used and recommended by medical health personnel for treating various bacterial infections of the skin since It inhibits the growth and multiplication of acne-causing bacteria.

Store Acnesol Gel in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat, preferably it should be stored below 30 degrees Celsius in a cool and dry place. Do not Your children or pets get their hands on it. Dump any unused medicine according to the guidelines. Do not throw it into the drain.

Acnesol gel is a non-prescription medication. It will be easily available at nearby pharmacies.


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