Is Regular Use of Erectile Dysfunction Tablets Dangerous?

Erectile Dysfunction Tablets

Nowadays impotence is a common problem for men. There are many reasons associated with this issue. Heart disease, diabetes, stress, anxiety are the significant causes of erectile dysfunction. To mitigate this issue, doctors suggest patients take pills after assessing their health problems properly. Patients with a problem of depression should avoid this medicine. There are several medicines available like Cenforce, Vidalista, Malegra, and Fildena in the market to treat infertility among men. 

But before taking this medicine, patients have to tell their health issues doctor. Apart from it, patients have to remember that this medicine is not helpful for sexual arousal. It is effective only if the couple is sexually stimulated. At first, the doctor suggests patients take a mild dose of the medicine. 

Later he can change the dosage after monitoring several factors like the health condition of patients, the initial reaction after taking this medicine. Before discussing the effect of taking ED medicine on daily basis, we need to know about the cause and real definition of erectile dysfunction.

What is erectile dysfunction?

While couples get physical with each other, the male cannot erect naturally at the time of physical intercourse.  This is termed erectile dysfunction. In this problem, men cannot erect hard for a longer period, and for this, their partner does not get satisfaction physically.

The real cause of erectile dysfunction 

When the penis releases enzyme named PDE5 and it does not allow the easy flow of blood in the pelvic region. As a result due to an inadequate supply of blood penis cannot erect successfully.

How does it treat the ED problem?

While men are sexually excited, the penis releases NO gas. The medicine contains a PDE5 inhibitor and it relaxes muscles of the penis by allowing smooth flow of blood in this region. The medicine permits to store Cgmp largely and this is mainly liable for a successful erection. But in the case of erectile dysfunctional issues, cyanine guanosine monophosphate cannot be accumulated extensively. As a result, patients cannot penetrate naturally. 

 The  effect of taking erectile dysfunction medicine

Even after taking this medicine for a few days, patients cannot feel the effect of this medicine. This medicine takes some time to adjust in your body. In general, the doctor never suggests patients take this erectile dysfunction medicine on daily basis. After taking this medicine, many patients experience some mild to moderate side effects such as diarrhea, stomach upset, dizziness, nasal congestion, headache, and many more. 

But in the worst-case many patients face serious issues like vision problems, hearing problems after consuming this pill. But following the instruction of the doctor,  if patients take this medicine, they can have sex for up to 4-5 hours without interruption. But if after that period, the erection persists, they have to take help from a doctor mandatorily. Otherwise, they become infertile permanently for being damaged their penile tissue. 

How usage of erectile dysfunction medicine can affect people?

It depends on your doctor’s advice. This medicine cannot be used for the long term and it is not a permanent solution also.  The effect of this medicine can vary from patient to patient, so it is advised to take the guidance of a doctor before consuming the pill.

Advantages of taking erectile dysfunction tablet daily

It is surprisingly true that if patients take this medicine daily, the side effects caused by the medicine taken get reduced. Taking regular medicine can help in easy blood circulation in the human body. Regular medicine consumption clears the way for physical intercourse at any time if the drug is suitable for you.  But before taking this erectile dysfunction pill, patients have to talk to a doctor regarding several medicines taken along with this medicine.  Before taking this medicine, patients have to control the habit of drinking alcohol. This medicine causes a serious drop in blood pressure and makes patients dizzy

Is it okay to use cenforce regularly?

Cenforce medicine contains a PDE5 inhibitor named Sildenafil. According to studies and research, patients can take this medicine safely daily. But before taking this medicine, patients need to tell their past health issues to know whether this medicine works well or not. Patients cannot modify the dose without talking to a doctor. Before taking this tablet, patients have to keep in mind that this medicine loses its efficacy if patients take this daily.  

Apart from it, this medicine causes vision loss and hearing loss temporarily.  To curb this problem, patients need to communicate with health experts immediately. According to a study and research it is seen that people aged between 37-58 years are not affected by vision problems due to regular intake of this medicine.

Daily consumption of Vidalista may prove dangerous or not?

Vidalista consists of tadalafil, the PDE5 inhibitor. According to the doctor, if patients take a mild dose of this medicine, it is better for their health. Taking a moderate dose following the guidance of the doctor is safe for the patients. But let the doctor knows about their health issues before taking medication. 

Patients can begin taking this medicine with a mild dose like 2.5 mg and later they can increase the dose up to 5mg. while taking this medicine, they have to ensure that they have no severe problems such as cardiovascular disease, chest pain, hypertension, and many others. Those patients are suffering the problem of these, taking this medicine may prove fatal for them. 

If patients are thinking about taking this medicine regularly, they have to think that how many times in a week they have sex.  If patients have sex two or more times in 7 days, daily pill consumption is plausible. As the medication circulates in the bloodstream continuously.

Whether patients can take Fildena regularly or not?

Fildena contains Slidenafil citrate. This medicine is very much effective to mitigate the problem of erectile dysfunction. Patients can take this medicine daily if doctors allow them to do so.  Regular consumption of Fildena is effective and safe if they take a low dose. 

The doctor suggests taking a moderate dose of this medicine. Taking a higher dose may cause a serious issue like priapism. So if patients decide to take this medicine daily, dose adjustment is really important for them. Daily intake of Fildena can reduce the intensity of erectile dysfunction issues.

Can patients use this medicine regularly for a long time?

Sildenafil and duloxetine are the fundamental components of this medicine. Taking Malegra is safe if the doctor suggests doing so. A consequence of taking this medicine is not the same for everyone. For this reason, the doctor prescribes the dose after knowing the health condition, age of the patients.  


While deciding to take this medicine, ensure that adolescents, women need to refrain from taking this medicine. While taking this medicine for the long term, patients have to give up several habits like smoking, drinking alcohol. These habits can increase the side-effects of taking this medicine.

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