How to Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally & Increase Muscle Mass

Boost Testosterone Levels

Testosterone hormone is the fundamental sex hormone for men. But women also have this hormone in a small amount. This hormone is found in the testicles of males and ovaries of women.  Apart from this, adrenal glands also help in testosterone hormone production.  In the stage of puberty, this is one of the biggest causes for physical changes among men such as deeper voice, increased muscle, and growth of hair. 

In the adult stage as well as elderly age presence of an adequate amount of testosterone is crucial. The hormone is so useful for men as it increases the sex drive. The enhanced level of testosterone is a significant cause of improvement in muscle mass. If men have lower testosterone levels than required, enhanced body fat, and decreased muscle mass problems occur. The benefits of high-level testosterone are mentioned below.

Healthy heart and blood 

The heart pumps blood in the different parts of the body, giving organs and muscles the oxygen required for better performance. This hormone aids the production of red blood cells via the bone marrow. Low testosterone may be the reason for several heart diseases.

Stronger bones 

This hormone acts highly in bone mineral density. The density of bone reduces as the male becomes aged and the level of testosterone reduces.  This increases the risk of osteoporosis and feeble bone.  Healthy bone supports muscles and organs that improve athletic performance. 

Increase sexual drive

This hormone is very powerful to awaken sexual desire and sexual activity naturally. Because of low testosterone, erectile dysfunctions problems may occur.

Mood upliftment

An inadequate level of testosterone leads to low quality of life. Fatigue, depression is associated with insufficiency of this hormone.

Better verbal memory 

According to studies and research, the high level of testosterone causes a decreased number of an incident of Alzheimer’s disease. Testosterone is highly effective in memory power.

Less fat and increased muscle 

This sex hormone is liable for enhanced muscle mass.  Leaner body mass aid in controlling weight and boosts energy level. Those men have a higher level of testosterone, they have reduced fat mass and enhanced size of muscle and strength. 

Testosterone levels can be increased in a variety of ways. Taking tablets, topical gel, injections are the ways to boost the level of this sex hormone. But now it is time to discuss the ways for improving the level of testosterone naturally. 

Exercise and weight lifting 

Doing physical exercise is one of the best ways to restrict many life-style related issues. This can improve the level of this sex hormone.  According to research, those people who do exercise daily, have more testosterone. Physical activity enhances the level of this sex hormone. 

Those people suffer from the problem of obesity, they get more benefit in exercise compared to following a weight loss diet regarding the testosterone level issue. Apart from it, resistance training like weight lifting is the best way to improve the level of testosterone hormone. Exercise also helps in muscle build-up.  The more muscle people have, the higher the level of testosterone.

Stress management 

Reduction of stress not only helps to preserve the health of the heart, sanity but also helps in testosterone circulation. When someone is stressed, the adrenal glands pump out stress hormone named cortisol and that reduces testosterone circulation. In addition, a high level of cortisol encourages fat accumulation in the body and leads to a low level of testosterone.

Adequate sleep

Sleep is beneficial for boosting testosterone naturally. The body creates this hormone while sleeping. According to research sleeping is fruitful for metabolism, the brain, and the heart.  This ultimately makes an impact on sexual health. So people need to have 7-9 hours of sound sleep for improving the level of this sex hormone.

Vitamin supplement and mineral supplements consumption

According to some studies, vitamin D can boost sexual function. If you are lacking this vitamin, you may see a drop in your testosterone level. Apart from vitamin D, vitamin A, C, E can play an important function in the case of testosterone level. People have to take food containing zinc, magnesium and it helps them to increase their testosterone level naturally.

Maintaining proper diet 

Eating a healthy and balanced diet improves the level of testosterone in the human body. Because people have to maintain a healthy weight and too much body fat transforms testosterone hormone into estrogen. For this taking, the right food is necessary to improve testosterone. Protein, carbs, and fat consumption in an adequate amount help people to increase this hormone level. Now we will talk about some foods which aid to increase the level of testosterone.


Egg yolks are full of protein, fat, and selenium. It works as an antioxidant. According to a study, selenium encourages testosterone production by stimulating some pathways and some specific genes.

b. Avocados 

Since avocados consist of healthy fat, this is crucial for hormonal health. The boron and magnesium present in avocados are beneficial for the level of this sex hormone.

c. Green vegetables and leafs

They are loaded with magnesium. According to nutrients, magnesium enhances bioactivity in the human body as this mineral decreases oxidative stress. Oxidative stress may be responsible for reducing testosterone.

d. Cocoa products 

Cacao nibs, cocoa powder are rich in flavonoid antioxidants and magnesium. These are very necessary for testosterone.  According to some studies, cocoa flavonoids such as apigenin and quercetin aid to enhance the testosterone production from the testes named Leydig cells.


Apart from doing regular exercise, having adequate sleep, healthy food intake, people have to give up several bad habits such as excessive alcohol consumption, taking estrogen-like products. Besides all of these, if patients are prescribed to take medicine for high blood pressure, depression, these medications may be responsible for the low level of testosterone hormone.  So if patients have any doubt regarding this issue, they need to talk to a doctor.

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