We at edcurevilla offer a 100% assurance on our products. If the product we offer is damaged, or does not arrive on time, or delivered to the person who ordered it There is a full refund offered through our business. Our guarantee is based on a basis of request and once a guarantee has been requested by our clients and in the event of a partially completed order the balance will be returned to the customer.

Edcurevilla will, in the case of partial orders, will charge in accordance with the items purchased from the client. The entire process of trades with the placing of an order until the point of delivery can take between 20 and 30 days.

In the event of a delay, hold or return of the sender, a notice is sent to the customer and, if no notice of this kind is delivered, then it’s recommended to contact us by submitting an email to the department of refund so that issues relating to the shipping of our products can be resolved and handled online in a timely manner.

For any additional questions about the order , or to learn more about the nature of this sequence contact us via