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Are there different ways to live brighter, fit, and healthy?

To live life fully, maintaining a healthy body is very much required. But this is not sufficient to enjoy the brighter side of life. Mental well-being is equally important. Physical and mental well-being both are interlinked to each other. Getting physically and mentally fit, are very crucial for living a healthy life. People have to take care of their mental as well as physical health simultaneously to enjoy healthy and colourful life.  Here are a few ways mentioned, that can help you in getting healthy.

If we talk about physical health, we need to understand the real difference between fitness and health. But actually, fitness can be termed as the physical capacity to do work, sport without giving effort.  On the other hand, health is a condition where the human body resists illness, and body parts can work in a hassle-free manner. Male and females both need to concentrate on their physical health. So to maintain good health, they have to follow some techniques.

Eat healthy food

To stay fit and healthy, people need to eat food which is full of good nutrients. You cannot get all the nutrients in any single food and for this, you have to consume different foods to have these nutrients. People have to consume foods such as vegetables, fish, fresh fruits, whole grains for their health.  

One cannot overeat and should keep a balanced meal in their diet. Junk foods that are highly processed should not be consumed by people. Apart from this, artificial sweeteners should be averted. Patients should not add too much sugar and salt to their food. If you are taking an excessive amount of raw salt, then it will cause you BP problems as well as cardiovascular disease.

Do not skip breakfast 

People need to have a heavy breakfast to be energetic and do physical activity. Eating breakfast helps patients to check blood sugar levels and body weight.

Drink plenty water

Drinking sufficient water along with healthy meals is highly required.  A person must take around 8 glasses full of water to keep his/her body hydrated throughout the day. Drinking water helps people to get toxins out through skin and urine. In addition, drinking water helps people to lose weight. Drinking water aids patients to keep them hydrated also.

Getting adequate sleep

According to health experts, adults need to have 7 hours of sound sleep on a daily basis.  Getting enough sleep helps people to maintain a healthy and fit body. This plays an important role in mood upliftment, metabolism, cardiovascular system, immune system, concentration, memory, and release of stress hormone.

Give up the bad habit

As per the study, limited consumption of alcohol keeps the body fit and fine.  But excessive alcohol consumption negatively affects your body.  It may be responsible for damaging the liver. Apart from it, people need to stop smoking. As it can damage the lungs severely.

Physical exercise 

Doing regular exercise is very necessary for being fit, healthy. Physical exercise not only keeps your body fit but also helps to get rid of depression, anxiety by releasing happy hormones. Cardiovascular exercise strengthens the lungs and heart. It aids to build up muscles and stretching decreases the risk of injury by enhancing flexibility. People can choose the easiest way for being fit and this is walking. Regular walking for at least 30 minutes helps people to control their body weight, tone muscle and strengthen the bone.

Being active 

A sedentary lifestyle badly affects our health. Even in the worst case, sitting too many increases the chance of mortality.  Many people have to sit long for their job. But they need to move at least 15 minutes in their working period.

Regular check-up

Frequently body check-up by a doctor is necessary for various reasons. Although frequent check for people depends on many factors such as health condition, age, medical history of patients. But many experts suggest that visiting primary care doctor once a year is needed for everyone for their health concerns.

Stress management 

In today’s world, people cannot live peacefully. The professional, as well as personal pressure, is the reason for being stressed out.  We cannot separate stress from our life. But we need to learn to manage stress definitely. Stress can harm the body in plenty of ways. To control our negative thoughts like anxiety, depression doing meditation, yoga helps a lot.   

Spend more time outside

Spending more time outside improves the condition of health by improving mood, reducing stress, and controlling blood pressure.  Additionally, spending time outside the house mainly in the morning helps to inhale fresh air and that makes a positive impact on our health and mind.

Restrict screen time

In the era of technology, people are too much engrossed in their electronic gadgets such as desktops, and android device for the purpose of fun and job that it negatively affects our health. Spending too much time on electronic gadgets directly links with anxiety, depression, and loneliness. As a consequence people face trouble sleeping. For this reason, people need to switch off their mobile at least one hour before going to bed at night. Most importantly people should fix some specific time for spending their mobile phone.

Take a vacation 

Taking a long or short vacation makes a positive impact on the level of stress. This helps to improve the quality of life and relaxes the mind and body.

Be in present 

According to research, being more present eradicates the negativity of life by improving the satisfaction of life.  In this way, it positively affects our psychological health also. When people are more in the present, they become more capable to achieve realistic goals in their life. Even being in present keeps people grounded.  

Try a new hobby 

Many people cannot pursue their hobby for their busy schedule. But according to study, nurturing hobbies people love helps them to live a healthy and long life.  So take out some time for your hobby that gives enjoyment to you.

erectile dysfunction

Can work pressure cause erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in today’s competitive world among men. Nowadays people are too much busy to fulfil their career goals, aim that they easily get stressed out. Sometimes they become depressed for their aspiration not getting fulfilled. 

Sometimes pressure from the higher authority, fear of not meeting the deadlines makes people so much depressed that it badly affects their sexual life.  Fear of being verbally abused from the senior or job loss is also responsible for erectile dysfunction. As a consequence, their relationship comes on the verge of breaking up. It was previously believed that old people suffer from erectile dysfunction problems mostly. 

But nowadays facing trouble for maintaining hard penetration can be seen in the young people also. But it is true that the problem of erectile dysfunction can be solved if it is detected. According to a report men below 30ages face ED problems for anxiety, nervousness. This psychological ED issue is not lengthy generally. Men above the age of 30 deal with professional and personal stress that lead to erectile dysfunction.

How does work pressure become responsible for erectile dysfunction?

Work pressure is strongly associated with anxiety and stress. These all can enhance the risk for other conditions that are responsible for erectile dysfunction or impotency. These are obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol.

How do stress and anxiety become responsible for ED?

Mental health conditions such as anxiety and stress make an impact on how our brain gives signals to our body’s physical response. In case of penetration, anxiety and stress can hamper how the brain of a human being offers a signal to the penis to permit an additional flow of blood.  Many people become nervous in front of their senior officers and stress out for not fulfilling their commitment to their professional life. 

According to studies and research, around 90% of young men face erectile dysfunction due to anxiety and stress. It is proved scientifically, long-term level of anxiety and stress induces hormone secretion in the human body’s process.  This leads to other health problems that encourage erectile dysfunction. To mitigate professional stress, many people consume alcohol excessively, smoke, or take illicit medications. 

These ultimately lead to erectile dysfunction.  If any patients take PDE5 inhibitor consisting medicine to cure ED problems, tobacco or alcohol consumption reduces the actions of this medicine. When people get depressed, the imbalance of dopamine, serotonin occurs in the brain. Several studies show that depression and ED problem is related to each other strongly. Depression causes low sexual desire or delay in ejaculation.

How do people ease stress and anxiety to treat erectile dysfunction?

Since working pressure leads to anxiety, stress, depression, people cannot penetrate successfully. Sometimes dissatisfaction towards job, abusive words of boss towards employees spoils the confidence of men.  That ultimately hampers personal life along with professional life. As a consequence, they are afraid of being intimate with their partner. 

Feeling guilt, fear for sexual performance and lack of confidence becomes the significant cause of erectile dysfunction. So patients need to go for psychological treatment for fighting against erectile dysfunction.  Here we are going to discuss the techniques which help patients to handle ED problems.

Sex therapy 

This therapy mainly emphasises sensational pleasure over sexual arousal. It focuses to decrease the anxiety and stress factor by creating a more reliable, safe, and secure life.


Patients can take help from a therapist and let them know about the significant cause of stress and anxiety.  To alleviate this issue, help from a partner is also necessary. Their trust, loyalty, love, confidence in their partner eases the journey of treating ED problems.

Sexual anxiety therapy

Your sexologist will demonstrate erectile dysfunction in detail.  This aids to decrease the issue and tension caused by inadequate knowledge. Then the physician will speak to emotional problems and aids patients to find a solution. The solution is not same always. It can be trying to attain relaxation to regulate imagination.

Psychodynamic therapy

This therapy is mainly applied to know the real cause of erectile dysfunction in men. This process is applied when men are in the subconscious mind.

Lifestyle changes 

Those who smoke or consume alcohol for reducing pressure from their work area need to stop this habit strictly to treat ED. Herbs and supplements for managing stress, anxiety, and erectile dysfunction. 

Some herbs and supplements are available in the market for treating ED along with stress management. These supplements are 

• Kava, a plant that aids to cure anxiety and uplifting mood

• Chamomile, a plant that is fruitful for decreasing the symptom of anxiety

• Black maca, a root vegetable aids to reduce stress and enhancing the level of sexual performance

• Panax ginseng, a Korean and Chinese herb is available in the market in the form of cream or pills

But before taking these herbs, consult your doctor mandatorily. If patients have a liver problem, serious allergic reactions, or nausea, they have to take this medicine carefully.

Apart from all of the above, some alternate therapies patients can apply to handle stress, anxiety, fear, guilt feeling occurs due to work pressure. 

Patients can manage stress, distress, and other negative emotions through these ways such as doing meditation on a daily basis, yoga, adopting relaxation techniques, and acupuncture. If patients do all of these, they can easily achieve hard erection. But these alternative techniques are more helpful if patients adopt these along with traditional treatment.


After discussing a lot, we can deduce that if patients handle the stress, anxiety which arises from work pressure, their problem of impotency automatically gets solved. It is a bitter truth that stress and anxiety are an inseparable part of our life. So taking medication, doing exercise is not enough to treat erectile dysfunction problems through stress management. 

The couple needs to cooperate and try to maintain a romantic relationship. Patients need to talk to their partners without hesitation regarding this problem. Only then do all of these techniques become effective to treat this issue.

Boost Testosterone Levels

How to Boost Testosterone Levels Naturally & Increase Muscle Mass

Testosterone hormone is the fundamental sex hormone for men. But women also have this hormone in a small amount. This hormone is found in the testicles of males and ovaries of women.  Apart from this, adrenal glands also help in testosterone hormone production.  In the stage of puberty, this is one of the biggest causes for physical changes among men such as deeper voice, increased muscle, and growth of hair. 

In the adult stage as well as elderly age presence of an adequate amount of testosterone is crucial. The hormone is so useful for men as it increases the sex drive. The enhanced level of testosterone is a significant cause of improvement in muscle mass. If men have lower testosterone levels than required, enhanced body fat, and decreased muscle mass problems occur. The benefits of high-level testosterone are mentioned below.

Healthy heart and blood 

The heart pumps blood in the different parts of the body, giving organs and muscles the oxygen required for better performance. This hormone aids the production of red blood cells via the bone marrow. Low testosterone may be the reason for several heart diseases.

Stronger bones 

This hormone acts highly in bone mineral density. The density of bone reduces as the male becomes aged and the level of testosterone reduces.  This increases the risk of osteoporosis and feeble bone.  Healthy bone supports muscles and organs that improve athletic performance. 

Increase sexual drive

This hormone is very powerful to awaken sexual desire and sexual activity naturally. Because of low testosterone, erectile dysfunctions problems may occur.

Mood upliftment

An inadequate level of testosterone leads to low quality of life. Fatigue, depression is associated with insufficiency of this hormone.

Better verbal memory 

According to studies and research, the high level of testosterone causes a decreased number of an incident of Alzheimer’s disease. Testosterone is highly effective in memory power.

Less fat and increased muscle 

This sex hormone is liable for enhanced muscle mass.  Leaner body mass aid in controlling weight and boosts energy level. Those men have a higher level of testosterone, they have reduced fat mass and enhanced size of muscle and strength. 

Testosterone levels can be increased in a variety of ways. Taking tablets, topical gel, injections are the ways to boost the level of this sex hormone. But now it is time to discuss the ways for improving the level of testosterone naturally. 

Exercise and weight lifting 

Doing physical exercise is one of the best ways to restrict many life-style related issues. This can improve the level of this sex hormone.  According to research, those people who do exercise daily, have more testosterone. Physical activity enhances the level of this sex hormone. 

Those people suffer from the problem of obesity, they get more benefit in exercise compared to following a weight loss diet regarding the testosterone level issue. Apart from it, resistance training like weight lifting is the best way to improve the level of testosterone hormone. Exercise also helps in muscle build-up.  The more muscle people have, the higher the level of testosterone.

Stress management 

Reduction of stress not only helps to preserve the health of the heart, sanity but also helps in testosterone circulation. When someone is stressed, the adrenal glands pump out stress hormone named cortisol and that reduces testosterone circulation. In addition, a high level of cortisol encourages fat accumulation in the body and leads to a low level of testosterone.

Adequate sleep

Sleep is beneficial for boosting testosterone naturally. The body creates this hormone while sleeping. According to research sleeping is fruitful for metabolism, the brain, and the heart.  This ultimately makes an impact on sexual health. So people need to have 7-9 hours of sound sleep for improving the level of this sex hormone.

Vitamin supplement and mineral supplements consumption

According to some studies, vitamin D can boost sexual function. If you are lacking this vitamin, you may see a drop in your testosterone level. Apart from vitamin D, vitamin A, C, E can play an important function in the case of testosterone level. People have to take food containing zinc, magnesium and it helps them to increase their testosterone level naturally.

Maintaining proper diet 

Eating a healthy and balanced diet improves the level of testosterone in the human body. Because people have to maintain a healthy weight and too much body fat transforms testosterone hormone into estrogen. For this taking, the right food is necessary to improve testosterone. Protein, carbs, and fat consumption in an adequate amount help people to increase this hormone level. Now we will talk about some foods which aid to increase the level of testosterone.


Egg yolks are full of protein, fat, and selenium. It works as an antioxidant. According to a study, selenium encourages testosterone production by stimulating some pathways and some specific genes.

b. Avocados 

Since avocados consist of healthy fat, this is crucial for hormonal health. The boron and magnesium present in avocados are beneficial for the level of this sex hormone.

c. Green vegetables and leafs

They are loaded with magnesium. According to nutrients, magnesium enhances bioactivity in the human body as this mineral decreases oxidative stress. Oxidative stress may be responsible for reducing testosterone.

d. Cocoa products 

Cacao nibs, cocoa powder are rich in flavonoid antioxidants and magnesium. These are very necessary for testosterone.  According to some studies, cocoa flavonoids such as apigenin and quercetin aid to enhance the testosterone production from the testes named Leydig cells.


Apart from doing regular exercise, having adequate sleep, healthy food intake, people have to give up several bad habits such as excessive alcohol consumption, taking estrogen-like products. Besides all of these, if patients are prescribed to take medicine for high blood pressure, depression, these medications may be responsible for the low level of testosterone hormone.  So if patients have any doubt regarding this issue, they need to talk to a doctor.

Erectile Dysfunction Tablets

Is Regular Use of Erectile Dysfunction Tablets Dangerous?

Nowadays impotence is a common problem for men. There are many reasons associated with this issue. Heart disease, diabetes, stress, anxiety are the significant causes of erectile dysfunction. To mitigate this issue, doctors suggest patients take pills after assessing their health problems properly. Patients with a problem of depression should avoid this medicine. There are several medicines available like Cenforce, Vidalista, Malegra, and Fildena in the market to treat infertility among men. 

But before taking this medicine, patients have to tell their health issues doctor. Apart from it, patients have to remember that this medicine is not helpful for sexual arousal. It is effective only if the couple is sexually stimulated. At first, the doctor suggests patients take a mild dose of the medicine. 

Later he can change the dosage after monitoring several factors like the health condition of patients, the initial reaction after taking this medicine. Before discussing the effect of taking ED medicine on daily basis, we need to know about the cause and real definition of erectile dysfunction.

What is erectile dysfunction?

While couples get physical with each other, the male cannot erect naturally at the time of physical intercourse.  This is termed erectile dysfunction. In this problem, men cannot erect hard for a longer period, and for this, their partner does not get satisfaction physically.

The real cause of erectile dysfunction 

When the penis releases enzyme named PDE5 and it does not allow the easy flow of blood in the pelvic region. As a result due to an inadequate supply of blood penis cannot erect successfully.

How does it treat the ED problem?

While men are sexually excited, the penis releases NO gas. The medicine contains a PDE5 inhibitor and it relaxes muscles of the penis by allowing smooth flow of blood in this region. The medicine permits to store Cgmp largely and this is mainly liable for a successful erection. But in the case of erectile dysfunctional issues, cyanine guanosine monophosphate cannot be accumulated extensively. As a result, patients cannot penetrate naturally. 

 The  effect of taking erectile dysfunction medicine

Even after taking this medicine for a few days, patients cannot feel the effect of this medicine. This medicine takes some time to adjust in your body. In general, the doctor never suggests patients take this erectile dysfunction medicine on daily basis. After taking this medicine, many patients experience some mild to moderate side effects such as diarrhea, stomach upset, dizziness, nasal congestion, headache, and many more. 

But in the worst-case many patients face serious issues like vision problems, hearing problems after consuming this pill. But following the instruction of the doctor,  if patients take this medicine, they can have sex for up to 4-5 hours without interruption. But if after that period, the erection persists, they have to take help from a doctor mandatorily. Otherwise, they become infertile permanently for being damaged their penile tissue. 

How usage of erectile dysfunction medicine can affect people?

It depends on your doctor’s advice. This medicine cannot be used for the long term and it is not a permanent solution also.  The effect of this medicine can vary from patient to patient, so it is advised to take the guidance of a doctor before consuming the pill.

Advantages of taking erectile dysfunction tablet daily

It is surprisingly true that if patients take this medicine daily, the side effects caused by the medicine taken get reduced. Taking regular medicine can help in easy blood circulation in the human body. Regular medicine consumption clears the way for physical intercourse at any time if the drug is suitable for you.  But before taking this erectile dysfunction pill, patients have to talk to a doctor regarding several medicines taken along with this medicine.  Before taking this medicine, patients have to control the habit of drinking alcohol. This medicine causes a serious drop in blood pressure and makes patients dizzy

Is it okay to use cenforce regularly?

Cenforce medicine contains a PDE5 inhibitor named Sildenafil. According to studies and research, patients can take this medicine safely daily. But before taking this medicine, patients need to tell their past health issues to know whether this medicine works well or not. Patients cannot modify the dose without talking to a doctor. Before taking this tablet, patients have to keep in mind that this medicine loses its efficacy if patients take this daily.  

Apart from it, this medicine causes vision loss and hearing loss temporarily.  To curb this problem, patients need to communicate with health experts immediately. According to a study and research it is seen that people aged between 37-58 years are not affected by vision problems due to regular intake of this medicine.

Daily consumption of Vidalista may prove dangerous or not?

Vidalista consists of tadalafil, the PDE5 inhibitor. According to the doctor, if patients take a mild dose of this medicine, it is better for their health. Taking a moderate dose following the guidance of the doctor is safe for the patients. But let the doctor knows about their health issues before taking medication. 

Patients can begin taking this medicine with a mild dose like 2.5 mg and later they can increase the dose up to 5mg. while taking this medicine, they have to ensure that they have no severe problems such as cardiovascular disease, chest pain, hypertension, and many others. Those patients are suffering the problem of these, taking this medicine may prove fatal for them. 

If patients are thinking about taking this medicine regularly, they have to think that how many times in a week they have sex.  If patients have sex two or more times in 7 days, daily pill consumption is plausible. As the medication circulates in the bloodstream continuously.

Whether patients can take Fildena regularly or not?

Fildena contains Slidenafil citrate. This medicine is very much effective to mitigate the problem of erectile dysfunction. Patients can take this medicine daily if doctors allow them to do so.  Regular consumption of Fildena is effective and safe if they take a low dose. 

The doctor suggests taking a moderate dose of this medicine. Taking a higher dose may cause a serious issue like priapism. So if patients decide to take this medicine daily, dose adjustment is really important for them. Daily intake of Fildena can reduce the intensity of erectile dysfunction issues.

Can patients use this medicine regularly for a long time?

Sildenafil and duloxetine are the fundamental components of this medicine. Taking Malegra is safe if the doctor suggests doing so. A consequence of taking this medicine is not the same for everyone. For this reason, the doctor prescribes the dose after knowing the health condition, age of the patients.  


While deciding to take this medicine, ensure that adolescents, women need to refrain from taking this medicine. While taking this medicine for the long term, patients have to give up several habits like smoking, drinking alcohol. These habits can increase the side-effects of taking this medicine.