Cancellation Policy

Edcurevilla is considered to be the most trustworthy pharmacy store that can provide complete satisfaction to any potential customers. A 100% guarantee is provided on all orders placed by any client. The delivery time of every product is assured by us to ensure that our buyers receive their items promptly.

There are many reasons that the order has to be rejected by consumers and the policy is as flexible as it is. The following are the reasons why that the cancellation policy is likely to remain in place:

If the item purchased by the customer is not able to be purchased in the amount that is specified the cancellation insurance is applicable to avoid any inconvenience for our customers in the future.

If the customer is unhappy with the products we provide, there is a customer service department who can get in touch with them in order to provide the most fair solution to the problem.

If the item purchased by the client isn’t in stock, it will be immediately cancelled by the pharmacy place.

The online orders are pre-paid. In the event there is a mistake in the process of paying for the order the order is until it is cancelled.

The customer may have the cancellation of the order at any time and will be accepted provided that the reason they provide is compelling.

If there isn’t a receipt issued at the time of payment, the purchase is cancelled.

If the customer isn’t satisfied with the product they can voice their displeasure about the product, which can be used to rescind the entire policy of refund.

Customers can cancel an order within 10 minutes after the purchase is made. To cancel an order, log in to your account and view the order processing. The cancel button, which has a countdown timer, is soon to be visible on orders that are in the process of processing. Click the cancel button, and then choose your reason to end the order. After cancellation, the order will be removed from postings processing.