Can work pressure cause erectile dysfunction (ED)?

erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in today’s competitive world among men. Nowadays people are too much busy to fulfil their career goals, aim that they easily get stressed out. Sometimes they become depressed for their aspiration not getting fulfilled. 

Sometimes pressure from the higher authority, fear of not meeting the deadlines makes people so much depressed that it badly affects their sexual life.  Fear of being verbally abused from the senior or job loss is also responsible for erectile dysfunction. As a consequence, their relationship comes on the verge of breaking up. It was previously believed that old people suffer from erectile dysfunction problems mostly. 

But nowadays facing trouble for maintaining hard penetration can be seen in the young people also. But it is true that the problem of erectile dysfunction can be solved if it is detected. According to a report men below 30ages face ED problems for anxiety, nervousness. This psychological ED issue is not lengthy generally. Men above the age of 30 deal with professional and personal stress that lead to erectile dysfunction.

How does work pressure become responsible for erectile dysfunction?

Work pressure is strongly associated with anxiety and stress. These all can enhance the risk for other conditions that are responsible for erectile dysfunction or impotency. These are obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol.

How do stress and anxiety become responsible for ED?

Mental health conditions such as anxiety and stress make an impact on how our brain gives signals to our body’s physical response. In case of penetration, anxiety and stress can hamper how the brain of a human being offers a signal to the penis to permit an additional flow of blood.  Many people become nervous in front of their senior officers and stress out for not fulfilling their commitment to their professional life. 

According to studies and research, around 90% of young men face erectile dysfunction due to anxiety and stress. It is proved scientifically, long-term level of anxiety and stress induces hormone secretion in the human body’s process.  This leads to other health problems that encourage erectile dysfunction. To mitigate professional stress, many people consume alcohol excessively, smoke, or take illicit medications. 

These ultimately lead to erectile dysfunction.  If any patients take PDE5 inhibitor consisting medicine to cure ED problems, tobacco or alcohol consumption reduces the actions of this medicine. When people get depressed, the imbalance of dopamine, serotonin occurs in the brain. Several studies show that depression and ED problem is related to each other strongly. Depression causes low sexual desire or delay in ejaculation.

How do people ease stress and anxiety to treat erectile dysfunction?

Since working pressure leads to anxiety, stress, depression, people cannot penetrate successfully. Sometimes dissatisfaction towards job, abusive words of boss towards employees spoils the confidence of men.  That ultimately hampers personal life along with professional life. As a consequence, they are afraid of being intimate with their partner. 

Feeling guilt, fear for sexual performance and lack of confidence becomes the significant cause of erectile dysfunction. So patients need to go for psychological treatment for fighting against erectile dysfunction.  Here we are going to discuss the techniques which help patients to handle ED problems.

Sex therapy 

This therapy mainly emphasises sensational pleasure over sexual arousal. It focuses to decrease the anxiety and stress factor by creating a more reliable, safe, and secure life.


Patients can take help from a therapist and let them know about the significant cause of stress and anxiety.  To alleviate this issue, help from a partner is also necessary. Their trust, loyalty, love, confidence in their partner eases the journey of treating ED problems.

Sexual anxiety therapy

Your sexologist will demonstrate erectile dysfunction in detail.  This aids to decrease the issue and tension caused by inadequate knowledge. Then the physician will speak to emotional problems and aids patients to find a solution. The solution is not same always. It can be trying to attain relaxation to regulate imagination.

Psychodynamic therapy

This therapy is mainly applied to know the real cause of erectile dysfunction in men. This process is applied when men are in the subconscious mind.

Lifestyle changes 

Those who smoke or consume alcohol for reducing pressure from their work area need to stop this habit strictly to treat ED. Herbs and supplements for managing stress, anxiety, and erectile dysfunction. 

Some herbs and supplements are available in the market for treating ED along with stress management. These supplements are 

• Kava, a plant that aids to cure anxiety and uplifting mood

• Chamomile, a plant that is fruitful for decreasing the symptom of anxiety

• Black maca, a root vegetable aids to reduce stress and enhancing the level of sexual performance

• Panax ginseng, a Korean and Chinese herb is available in the market in the form of cream or pills

But before taking these herbs, consult your doctor mandatorily. If patients have a liver problem, serious allergic reactions, or nausea, they have to take this medicine carefully.

Apart from all of the above, some alternate therapies patients can apply to handle stress, anxiety, fear, guilt feeling occurs due to work pressure. 

Patients can manage stress, distress, and other negative emotions through these ways such as doing meditation on a daily basis, yoga, adopting relaxation techniques, and acupuncture. If patients do all of these, they can easily achieve hard erection. But these alternative techniques are more helpful if patients adopt these along with traditional treatment.


After discussing a lot, we can deduce that if patients handle the stress, anxiety which arises from work pressure, their problem of impotency automatically gets solved. It is a bitter truth that stress and anxiety are an inseparable part of our life. So taking medication, doing exercise is not enough to treat erectile dysfunction problems through stress management. 

The couple needs to cooperate and try to maintain a romantic relationship. Patients need to talk to their partners without hesitation regarding this problem. Only then do all of these techniques become effective to treat this issue.

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